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Did you miss the total lunar eclipse?


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A tiny sliver of NASA's budget supports a wee little webpage called The Astronomy Picture Of the Day. As with all things NASA an acronym results: APOD. If you missed the eclipse, they did not:




http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap140416.html  But do click on the link for the caption, explanation, and further links --- for the sake of SCIENCE.


Moving on to April 17th:




http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap140417.html This took a day or two for someone to composite. But, again, do click on the link for the caption, explanation, and further links --- for the sake of SCIENCE.


Also look for the very subtle " > " link on each APOD page, which will take you to the next day. April 16 to 20 have just been particularly cool. (Your tax dollars zapping the moon with a laser, how cool is that?)  Here is the April 20 image hidden with spoiler tagging:










...but again I recommend checking out the original. (BTW, The original image often will link to a high-res version.)

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I didn't exactly miss the lunar eclipse, as I was up that night and knew it was happening, but it was more sort of looking out the window at my desk and noting: "Moon's out tonight", later: "Huh, it's gone now", and still later: "Oh, it's back again".


I didn't see the "blood moon" itself, but no matter, there are three more lunar eclipses this year [Edit: over the next 18 months], and then the world ends, or something like that.


APOD is a great site for desktop backgrounds, as is the Hubble space telescope website's gallery: http://hubblesite.org/gallery/

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