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Need terrain assistance


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Due to circumstances beyond our control, some of the terrain for the Warlord tournament appears that it will not be ready in time. I'm working to keep the existing scenarios (as opposed to writing new ones at the last minute), but I have limited space to bring items to the con with me, and even then, I don't have everything I need. So, this is where you can help.


If you have access to wargaming terrain, and can get any of this to me by the time the con starts Thursday afternoon, please let me know. The wish list is as follows:


Dirt road sections (far less important, but it'd be nice)

Large hill sections


If you can help, please PM me.



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Top Posters In This Topic

I have one dozen swamps. Various sizes averaging 6x8 inches.

I have six wells (or possibly twelve: I don't remember).


The wells resemble this one:


But more of a fantasy vibe than middle-eastern.


You can see the some of the swampy-ground patches in the first post of this Terragenesis thread:



Craft foam which can be purchased at Hobby Lobby comes in a delightful dirt road brown. Several pieces of that + one pair of scissors could create some serviceable roads.


I have a few random hills made of foam (that are painted) when you say large? how large is large?

[ --wanders off to measure hills-- ]


I could throw all this in a tote and bring it Thursday morning. [?]

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