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So, where are we on CAV: SO ?


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MercNet Field Report
Terran Standard Local ████, April 14, 23:10:00


ReaperCon â–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆ



Demo's set up at the entrance to ReaperCon. Girot in CAV pilot costume in the background.

████ watch every ████ ████ that come in or out of ██ ██. Have been dubbed code name ████.




Two 4x8' table for play. Running 4 "sections" of 2-CAVs based on player ████████.




Latest 3D renders plus all CAV that have bones molds made. There is going to be a Kickstarter this summer. Full color PRINTED rules. All models will be available in bones or metal. All existing models carrying over with scale problems will be re-scaled to TRUE scale.



████ â–ˆâ–ˆ mean it controls your ████ The plans ██ refer to will soon be ██████ ████. ████ be ████ ██ of this technological ██ you've constructed. The ability to ████ a planet is ██████ next to the power ██ ██ ████.





██, ██ flown from one side of this galaxy to the ██. ██ seen a lot of ████ stuff, but ██ ████ seen anything to ████ ██ ██████ â–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆ. 



78th â–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆâ–ˆ

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