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So, where are we on CAV: SO ?


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Don't give up on me yet. Im trying to make sure we cover the bases and get the most bang for our buck. This project is focusing on getting CAVs and their support vehicles and aircraft out in plastic at an affordable price and support new releases and the devil is in the details!

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Looks like we are going to have to compete with Zombicide 3 :| On the other hand, if Reaper where to wait for an "open" spot on kickstarter, they would wait for eternity

I think both Reaper Kickstarters have gone up against one from CMoN at this point. I really don't think Reaper worries about it to much.

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Meh. Never understood the appeal of zombies. Gimme a armored, mechanized, powered anything over a pile of reanimated, single-train-of-thought shambling pile of decaying flesh..


Well, 'cept a mechanized zombie. That'd be weird.

that would be super awesome. and what are the factions for CAV i still cant find them

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Rach, Malvernis, Terran, Ritterlich, Templar, Adon

Unless there have been changes.


Plus Mercs and maybe someday, Psyros

thx qwyksilver


edit on a side note: it seems i'm getting a bonus for training one manager another bonus for training another manager and my regular bonus so looks like my main credit card is going to be paid off, bill me later almost paid off, last medical bills paid off and my car credit card will be paid off in a month at most.

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