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So, where are we on CAV: SO ?

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Sorry for sitting out a bit. Took the week off after ReaperCon to decompress. I promise Im not ignoring you guys but I am slammed right now getting the last minute things ready for this. Since deciding to go full color on the rule book...I have been scrambling to get artwork done (we are looking at around 100 pieces and its nuts getting it all done). The KS will be set up to get all figures done in plastic if it goes that far. Also Im trying to get a big one in there as a stretch goal (so cross fingers!).

Fingers are crossed for the whole sh'bang.  Yes, I'd like everything faster than instant gratification, but I hope you take enough time to iron out the rules and get everything right. 

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Yea, a Rhino or Emporer would be awesome along with my Hawk 6. ;) I'm all for the large ones as they'd make great display pieces, true scale aircraft and tanks too would make good models for other games so I'm hoping to see those as well but really want the large models more for paint and display. :)

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Zat the tank? Got one! Got the Bigtator too. Didn't get a shot at the scorpion thingy :(


I don't think you missed out much on the Scorpion. 


And yeah, I missed out on the Despot when JBR first sold them, but a few years ago one of the original BL guys was selling his and I bought one from him. Was very happy, but intimidated. It's been forever since I've done any serious modeling, or painting of any kind.


I've also got a Dictator that I'm just tooooo nervous about working with. It's JBR's original prototype, which has a lot more pieces than the production models. He gave it to me fully assembled, but I'm not sure what he used to glue it all together but most of the parts have separated over the years. So on top of painting it, I've got a few dozen small pieces to reassemble first.

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