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So, where are we on CAV: SO ?


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with Bryan being webmaster now, I think he has a little 'bot' running on the forum servers that flags him with every post that says "bryan" in it...  time to overload the bot....

I do not.  And frankly, knowing how Buglips would abuse it making it ping me at all hours of the night to read hims  story because he was lonely in his cage, I'm rather glad.



That would be my most benign abuse of it, yes.  It's pretty much a good idea to never give me any sort of real power.  One time somebody put me in charge of a garbage can, and within three hours I had converted it to absolute dictatorship and confined half the trash to a makeshift gulag.  In my defense, the cheeseburger wrapper was getting subversive. 


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It's not going to be today, folks. We are working with CAVBOSS at this time on the layout and other details, including making sure all of our graphics are in place and that the math is solid.


Patience.  Announcements will be made when we are ready to launch.



Please, start before this coming Sunday (June 29). I will be leaving on vacation for the week with no internet access.

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