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Yes I am still at the con hotel. Best way to reach me would be to either call the hotel and ring my room 405, or contact me by cell, which I can PM you.

Lunch plans are wherever you want to go that is under $20 per plate, my treat as a thank you. As for when I would like to head down, the earlier the better, but it depends more on what works for you. Don't want to be pulling you away from any major business deals, or world shaking back room plotting



edit. Hymn, Qwyk, I an susceptible to bribery. especially if that bribe takes the form of a rum and coke, or a whiskey and coke

Dang, I wish we had gotten together.  I was pouring Kraken and Coke for everyone down in the lobby Sunday night trying to finish off the bottle I brought.  I would have gladly stood you to a drink or three.  I was unsuccessful but left the remainder in good hands.

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For those following along at home. I now have a government certified travel document. Tomorrow I am free to go home. Special thanks to MadMouser for taking me to town today, and for taking my brother and I out to experience proper Texas Bar B Q brisket. I look forward to seeing you all next time, come hell, high water, or Murphy's law, I intend to return to Reapercon.

Looks like you even got a date out of this whole thing too *wink*. Be careful, the wife is currently suffering from post traumatic con disorder. She turned to me last night and was like...."I miss having everyone around, and the minis, and the hanging out at tables, and the faisco....etc." Besides the swag, you really can't bring the con home.

A date? with who. I've got a date? what will i wear? I haven't been on a date in years.

Based on my guess of who you are in the photos, I gotta think that's more because of the shyness than any other reason. ::):

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