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Reven vs. Tembrithil

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Gronkelfibbits rode nervously into position, unsure of these Elves his scouts reported.  His guards were quickly formed up into a battle line.  Nine orc swordsmen, nine orc spearmen, and two ogres moved into a line to protect their warlord.  Ombur and Gonda moved in the back ready to lend their magics to the battle.  Greka stayed near them, while the Hill Giant, Knuckles, moved to protect the left flank.  The right flank was the speed of Urga, with six beastmen, and Traeg, full of fury and ready to take the fight to the enemy.


These Elves approaching seemed different.  They had large Owlbears moving against both flanks!!   They had Satyr warriors mirroring the Reven Beastmen!!  They moved through the forest with ease, and brought archers to bear almost immediately.  


It all seemed so sudden as the Hunting Cats and Satyrs broke through the woods and were ready to lay waste to the Reven. The Elf archers were sapping the strength of the Orcs, and their Ogre support.  The Elf warlord unleashed chains of lightning and it seemed the Reven would not be able to muster a counterattack.


Magic was the key.  Gronkelfibbits and Mazak, with Reven ferocity, moved into position to cast a lightning bolt into the Elven ranks.  Greka cast Iron Skin onto Knuckles, and he swept up against the Satyrs.  Urga and his troop axed two Owlbears and some of the hunting cats.  Only Traeg survived to continue to harry the enemy but the Beastmen earned respect for their skill and bravery.


The attrition was terrible.  Ombur, Gonda, Greka, cut down.   It was Gronkelfibbits going toe to toe with the Elf warlord, in a climactic battle to the finish.  Both thought they had the other beat, but both fought on, until Knuckles finished the battle. Only an Elf sniper lived to skulk off, while the Reven took the field.  The losses were replaceable, as the Reven is a horde, and Gronkelfibbits and Mazak left to mend their wounds and continue their campaign for power.  


Great game, and a rare victory for me.  :)

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