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2012 Bones Vampire Set whats inside?

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hi guys just wondering what you get in the 2012 Bones Vampire Set as looking at buying it and a few other bones sets.


also is there gonna be any new bones miniatures made as this box is 2012?


Here's the breakdown of what was in the first kickstarter (we call it KS1 around here).


There was also a 2nd Kickstarter for 2013 (KS2) which is in process, meaning that Reaper is making the figures for deliveries to backers starting in September of this year, so probably February-March of 2015, these newest figures will be available for retail. Here's a breakdown for the KS2.

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I should have said it in my first post and I'm remiss, but Welcome to the Forum and welcome to the hobby!


There'll be other kickstarters (whether they are Reaper or other companies) that you can get in on, the bones figures are awesome though. They are a really great product that are perfect for beginners to practice on and even pros use them and put out some amazing pieces. The key is to just keep practicing, ask for feedback, and apply the things you learn. You'll find that this forum is filled with friendly, welcoming, and awesome people who will give you good advice and feedback. Feel free to start up your own Works In Progress thread and Show-Off thread(s) for when you are finished with pieces.


The critiques that people give will really help you out and we all start out as beginners. For some reference I'd say check out Pixel's thread, she started out only 8 months ago now and is now winning trophies at conventions. Her rapid progress is amazing, but it goes to show what can be accomplished if you apply yourself.

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i can link to photo buket some of my work so far if u would like to look or is there a specific page for that ?


also thanks and i will use any help and tips any one can offer :)


You can use photo bucket or even upload directly to the forum (which is what I like to do as it makes it visible to everyone even if they have firewalls up at work to prevent looking at pics from those other sources).


For WIP and Show-off (finished figures), go to the Craft Corner section.


To upload pics directly:

  • You can go to the bottom right of this normal text box to the "MORE REPLY OPTIONS".
  • Then click on the "CHOOSE FILES" right underneath where it says "Attach Files"
  • Then pick the pictures from your computer's saved location of your pictures.
  • The pics will upload, then look to the right and click on the "ADD TO POST" and it will add the pictures into your posting and save it to the server.

Otherwise you can do the photo bucket thing and that'd be done by linking pictures directly to the post with the link icon (chain with a green +) and adding the URL or the little green picture icon two to the right where you'd upload the URL link and it'd post the picture into your post. Note that there is no nudity allowed on the forum, so any pictures to nude figures need to be linked (chain w/ green + again) to an outside source like photo bucket, instagram, or whatever service you use to store your online pics.


If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

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Note that there is no nudity allowed on the forum


Also note that the definition of "nudity" on the forums seems a little bizarre at times.  I'm not arguing with the moderators' decisions (I know better), I'm just mentioning it as a caveat:  if in doubt, better to link it.


While I'm at it, I'll be something of a voice of (dissent? caution?):  Don't be afraid to go at your own pace, especially if you're receiving feedback on figures you've posted.  As with most skills, there's always that "next level" to aim for, and you'll find plenty of encouragement here to do so.  However, all that matters in the end is that you are happy with your work, so don't get frustrated if progress seems slow!  :;):

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@pheonixwizzy You can do what I did and check out ebay every now and then.  I got a vampire box set WITH Kaladrax, Nethyrmaul, Wyrmgear, and Cthullhu AS WELL AS all the paints that came in that KS for $250 with free shipping which is a REALLY good deal.  I know they keep popping up ever so often cause during the dwarven forge cavern KS I mentioned this same thing to another backer and after a few days he found one and bought it.  Good Luck with it and I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed mine ever since I got it can't wait to get the 2nd one in september!

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Just managed to be added to the bones ks 2 as a late backer can't wait now

Sorry, what?


There's no way this is possible. ReaperBryan has said so especially if you are talking about the pledge manager. Now if you mean you are buying an extra off someone from eBay when they get them then I can see that happening.

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