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I was asked to paint a few Reaper miniatures up to fit in with an undead Mordhiem army. As this is outside of my comfort zone I thought it would be a good idea to do a WIP so I can get some feedback on them. The three figures are Reaper's 03345 Ridley Darkedge sculpted by the incredible Julie Guthrie, 03496 Castrus Vile sculpted by the great Guy England and 0390 Ilkhand the Bloody sculpted by the wonderful Werner Klocke.


I hope to included lots of photos as I paint, but unfortunately I sometimes forget. So to start I prepped Ridley tonight and boy did he need alot of work. I spent alot of time removing mold lines first with my scalpel, then with files and finally smoothing him out with some fine grade sandpaper. Then I washed him in some soap and water, after gluing him to a square base with a start of some sand I primed him gray. After I saw him primed almost as always I saw a few issues which needed corrected. So since this is a WIP I shall share all my mistakes in hopes it may help someone avoid them.


Here he is all primed with a few issues which I will fix before painting.



The area behind his arm I will use some liquid greenstuff and level out, after it is dry I will use a bit of brush on primer. The tiny speck of either dirt or metal flash I missed on the cloak I will simply take my scalpel and cut it off and prime as well. The sword since it is so tiny and I don't want to spend the time with liquid greenstuff I figure a bit of superglue applied carefully with a toothpick with fill in the tiny pit mark. Although since I only primed him tonight I want to let it cure until tomorrow until I mess with it as it will help keep it stronger and that way I do not risk gumming it up. I will take an after photo before I lay some paint down.


To help visualize a color scheme I printed out some black and white photos of the mini from Reaper's site and applied paint to it. This helps me get a better idea for my base colors and allows me to make notes as to what colors I used to start with. Here is a quick iphone picture which does distort the colors a bit but it should give you an idea.


I learned this trick from both Derek and Marike and it certainly helps me with color as I sometimes really struggle with picking colors. We settled on the colors in the second picture. The cloak with actually be a base color of P3's coal black and will hopefully have some freehand added before he is finished.


That is all I have to share for now I hope to have time to paint tomorrow and will post more then.

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Here is a small update of what I did this morning not really much to see but I thought I would share.


I mixed up my liquid greenstuff with water and to apply I use an old brush and a rubber sculpting tool. In this picture you can see the greenstuff in my palette I add more water to one side to keep it more like a paint like consistency and the other side I leave more solid with only a little water so I can have a range to choose from when applying it.



I saw a bit more issues than I originally thought so I filled them all with a bit of green stuff and then applied some brush on sealer to even it out. 



Now after all that dries I can start some actual paintwork.


I also thought to take a picture of my brushes I will use while painting, I know lots of people use different sizes and brands and I wanted to share what I prefer. Different things work for different people and in fact depending on what I am painting I may change my brushes as well. 


Here is my main brushes the Raphael size 2 is my main workhorse most of all the work will be done with it. It has a nice belly so my paint does not dry out but still goes to a nice point. To the right of it is my size 1 and size 0 the size one oddly enough never sees much use but I try to use it to break it in. The 0 will be the main detail brush, the eyes, small bits  and freehand will be painted with the 0. The last brush is actually a cheap winsor and newton water color brush I picked up at Micheals. It is my blending brush and as you can see in the picture has seen quite a bit of use. It has lost quite a few of its hairs making it closer in size to the 0 but even though it is a 2 I don't remember it ever being as full as the Raphael 2.



I have some errands to do this afternoon and hopefully will find some time to paint before my gaming group arrives for some D&D and post up what I accomplish.



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I ran out of time to post anything more before gaming but here is what I got painted earlier. Just under an hour paint time spent on him at this point.



Nothing pretty to look at just some basic base coats. It is hard to tell in the photo but his skin is basecoated with Reaper's Dusky Highlight. His cloak is P3's Coal black and his shoes are also P3's Umbrel Umber. The red is Vallejo's Black Red and the pants are a mix of Reaper's Cloudy Gray mixed with Black. The P3 and vallejo paint dries to a satin finish so the colors look shiny compared to Reaper's for now. 


That's it for now, Goodnight everyone.


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A little more time devoted to Ridley today. I worked on his skin and face mainly. I got to this point and decided to move on for now and once I work everything I may revisit it. I still have to decided what color to use on his lips.



Here is a shot of my palette.


The Darkest color is Reaper's Dusky Skin, my basecoat is Dusky Skin HIghlight and my lightest color is fair skin. Mixed with a few steps in between. The pictures of Ridley were difficult to show the true skin colors as it wants to wash out a bit.

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Thanks ub3r for the encouragement. I got alot of painting finished today. Unfortunately I did not take as many photos along the way.


Here is a quick shot I took as I was blending his cloak.



And my palette for the Dark Teal.



It's hard to see in the photo but I used P3's Coal black as my base and mixed in a touch of Vallejo's Black red which I used on the other cloth as the first shadow and for the final shadow I used a bit more Black red and a touch of black. For the highlight I used Reaper's Tanned highlight and just mixed a tiny bit at first up to 2 drops coal black to 1 drop tanned highlight.


After I finished the dark teal I added a little freehand to the back of his cloak.



Then after a bit of painting forgetting to take photos here is the front view.



I continued on and finished Ridley up, I have a few touch ups to do and of course he will then need sealed but here is the best photos I could take tonight. My husband usually takes my pictures, but these are my photography work so not the best and a bit washed out but alas here they are.




Any comments and critiques are welcomed and I will post some photos of the next two vampires as I get them prepped. 



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The mini looks wonderful, but there seems to be a yellowish brown tint to the light in your photos that I am pretty sure is not a part of the painting. I do like the freehand on his cloak, and he looks marvelously sinister.

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My Castrus mini had seemed to be missing an ear as I discovered right before ReaperCon and all the Reaper peeps were busy preparing so I haven't yet heard anything on the miscast front. However judging by the photos in the Gallery the mini I received should have two ears. So to keep moving on these minis I sat down and attempted to sculpt one. 

The outcome I think is passable what do you guys think?

Here is a photo of the side with an ear


And my sculpted one



I went ahead and primed both Castrus and Ilkhan I went with black primer for Castrus as his scheme includes mainly dark colors and with all his armor and crevices I opted for black. Ilkhan is primed light gray the same as Ridley. Here is a quick shot of the two with only their skin base coated.



Here is my quick paper mock up of the scheme Castrus will be painted in, haven't 100% settled on a scheme for Ilkhan yet



Also any suggestions on hair color for Castrus I don't want it to be black as his armor will be black but I am having trouble picturing a vampire with anything other than black or dark brown in my mind.

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