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ReaperCon 2014 Loim's Photos

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In case anyone cares, Me:




You can also see more of me later in the pictures in a blue and black Hawaiian Shirt, standing behind Gene and Bobby as they work on their PCs, but that one is not as good as it includes my ugly mug.



Oh and Perry too!  ::D:

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Egads, I am in seven of the photos, most of them on purpose.  That's more pics of me than my family has managed at the last several holiday functions combined.  The first one of me is the one where I'm flipping off Loim for taking my photo.  All the others are in the same t-shirt so it's not hard to figure out.  And I agree, Corporea was one of the nicest people I've met.  Also Ludo who I was in line with for a long while trying to get into the "How not to Suck" class, then off course saw several more times over the course of the con.  And I suppose Loim wasn't too bad despite letting me get lost looking for the Reaper facility.


FRED!!!  ::P:

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Thank you for your outstanding photo album coverage of ReaperCon 2014...It looks like everyone had a great time and it was a successful Con...For all of us who were unable to attend (we can at least share the feeling of oneness (even if in spirit only) with being there and seeing all the people and the miniatures.


For all of us (including myself)...who do not know the persona/members pictured and who have not seen the varied videos mentioned...is there anyway that you can go back through your album and label/title each photo (who the people pictured are) and (the title and painter of the miniature you photographed)...those of us who are not familiar with the members and their works would really appreciate their credited work(s).


Paul (Catdancer)

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What?  I'm Fred now?  You need to make up your mind Dr. D.


Yes LastKnight that's me.  Why does the shirt make your teeth itch?  :blink:

Gets my contrary/independent side riled up.




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