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Here is my Reaper Beauty Pageant, Creature Challenge entry. (mostly copied and pasted)



I'm pleased to present Grathularg of Utgar!


Grathularg was an exceptionally large gauth, larger than many of his kind.  Utgar found him on Oerth and, before Valkrill could seize it, took the great gauth for himself.  Grathularg's stunning eye and fiery blasts have proven useful time and time again, searing Utgar's foes to a crisp.






I'm pleased with the basing, while simple addition of rocks to the outside of the base, the little sword was a fun piece, and making the stone more of a "reddish" tint was a lot of fun, as was highlighting it up to lava orange without making it look like lava (re: fire giants).  I was pleased with the darker areas looking glossy (inks), simply because the creature should look glossy/gross.  There are a lot of eyes on this guy.  I'm pleased overall with how they turned out, and I would paint another of these if it came my way :devil:  


Total time spent was about 2 and a half weeks


For those wondering, I have had GIMP back on my machine for about 48 hours, no additions, and it's running fairly stable at the moment. 


C&C welcome!

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Slendertroll:  I ran it against some solos & units, which really worked for it. It came in overcosted at 120 (my original thought), but after some runs, this really worked.


I definitely think more playtesting is in order :devil:


Ub3r:  The stat card is actually on the Heroscapers site, and they have a handy set of instructions on what to do with them.  I really found it an interesting (and fun) exercise.  I think I probably will make cards for a number of my miniatures, especially since I get to use them with the kids this way.

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