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I'm looking for a Sci-Fi game to get into, but want to avoid GW for the time being. Cost is not a factor, as I value game mechanics and sculpt quality far more. But the single biggest criterion is that the theme shouldn't be mixed (e.g. sci-fi cowboys) - I'm looking for something more traditional. Does anyone know of a game that fits these criteria?

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"You call that 'painted?'"   "Way to roll a one, loser!"   "What's the matter, baby stuck in rough terrain?"   "The player isn't your real dad."

Have you looked at Infinity by Corvus Belli?  It's my fave!    Right now I'm fighting off Matic's Deadzone impules, I really like the Reb faction.

keep your eyes pealed for the the CAV kickstarter this summer!  

I've just picked up Infinity. I'm still going through the rules, haven't played yet, but so far I like what I've seen. The overall theme is nothing particularly new: several human factions fighting for dominance when the huge alien armada comes knocking at the door. There are several human factions, some are kind of standard with some space-marine lookalike (religious guys with heavy armor) other are more unique (like golden age Islam in space or Greek mythology heroes recreated by a superintelligent AI). Also, one of the two alien factions strongly reminds me of the coventant from HALO, if that's your coup of tea.


But they just announced a new edition for later this year, so you may want to wait few months before committing to it.


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As the maintainer of the Victorian Science Fiction/Steampunk version of FUBAR, I gotta shill:



15-30 figures per side, machines of war optional but highly encouraged.  I made a British force using the Chronoscope Brits, Brood of Panayak, and Jeeves.

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I forgot Mercs Too. I may be picking up a copy soon*...


MERCS is awesome if you like your scifi hard and your game more tactics based. You can download everything that you need to test the game from www.mercsminis.com (scroll down that page to find the rules, data cards, etc.) and proxy your minis.  If you like it enough to buy the rulebook for the advanced rules and fluff, hold off for a few months. They're releasing a new book and cards for v2.0 sometime this summer. 


Also, there's no way that I would call BT a skirmish game. Yes, you only play it w/a few models per side, but it is not a fast playing game like what most people would consider "skirmish".  

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I have to put in a plug for Gruntz if you want a great deal of flexibility and Tomorrow's War if you like a hard near future scifi. Bit of a learning curve for TW but rewards good tactics over uber armies.

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Tomorrow's War is more of a platoon level game. You can do skirmish with it, but it's best at platoon/light company from what I can gather. I have it, but couldn't get my kids' heads to wrap around the reaction mechanic.


I'm also working on something, will probably make it available when it's done. More to follow on this.

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