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Sci-Fi Skirmish Game


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@Willen, it'sactually  something I picked up on the Infinity forums. They make nice cover as well as occasionally blocking line of sight to prone figures (which can be a good tactical move at times/)


@A Dent, As long as you have some mates with a bit of patience, it'll be fun once you get the hang of it. We went through a bit of a trial and error process, because of the notion of reacting to a model's ORDER as opposed to reacting to its ACTION. (The headaches that argument brought... it was almost what you expect from 40k.)

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Except one thing... it's not Igo-Ugo, or anything like that. It's bassically always yyour turn, even when it's not.


Let's say I'm playing Dave. On Dave's turn, he can spend orders to have his models do stuff. Even though it's NOT my turn, my models still get to act, although in a limited capacity. Say Dave wants to shoot my Domaru. Good call on his part; that thing gets anywhere near his models, they're getting sliced, diced, and jullienned.  He sends guy A to shoot my Domaru. Now my options are basically to try and shoot back- not a Domaru's strength- or Dodge. So I dodge and win the contested roll. This allows me to move 2". So guy A tries it again, and Domy dodges again, successfully, and moves another 2". Dave decides that guy A is a schmuck, so he does a combined order with guys B and C. Domy decides to Dodge against both their shots and wins, allowing him to move another 2". So my Domaru ha moved 6" across the board- on my opponent's turn. At this point, all Dave can do is send his hacker out to try and hack the Domaru's armor, 'cause the Domaru will soon be in cover, and be able to cut down an alleyway and come around the flank where he can inflict maximum carnage with very good odds.So he moves hs hacker up and tries to hack, at which point all I can do is have the Domaru declare a shot if the hacker is within LoS and hope it's in range. 


It's a slightly different game from 40k or WMH. A bit like Warlord in the sense that you get to shoot or melee people who are shooting or meleeing you, but far more fluid and dynamic. Someone moves into LoS, you get to react, even if they were simply planning to sneeze in a better spot. (I'm getting goofy there, but you get the idea.) And sometimes, you don't even need LoS, you just need to be within 8" of them (hacking... argh!)


It's complicated, but it opens up so many strategic opportunities within every order, active or reactive, that it makes the game truly shine.

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