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what was your favorite part?


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This may sound a bit odd, but I find that one of my favorite parts was the Reaperglee.

Y'see, you always have new people showing up. Somewhere on this forum from six years ago, I spouted off about my first Reapercon at GREAT length, starting with how "Why doesn't anyone smell bad?" and going from there on to the many other very nice differences between Reapercon and all the other gaming cons I have attended. Reapercon's not large, compared to some, and it's considerable more intimate, and you get to know some of the names and faces from year to year. You make friends.

And that's not to mention the swag, the bargains, the metal exchange, the adoption table, and so forth. And it keeps getting better, frankly. I was glad to see that there were  yet MORE vendors this year, including Shannon Stiltz's Queen Penguin Productions, thus permitting me to shop for goodies for my sweetie in addition to the rabid self-obsessed miniatures buying in which I normally wallow during Reapercon.

I'm used to hanging onto my wallet with both hands, avoiding the people who haven't bathed lately, and rabidly looking out for myself during cons. Cons want me to have fun, but they want to make sure I don't leave with any money left, either. Reapercon ain't like that. It's easier to get the idea that these people just wanna be friends and have fun... because that's pretty much where they're at. 


This year, several people, for reasons I'm not clear on, seemed to think I was in charge of something, or a Reaper employee, or some sort of information officer. Perhaps it was the hat. At any rate, I was happy to help, although I regretted that I could not sell swag bags, register them for classes and suchlike. And they seemed so GRATEFUL!

Just passing it on, folks. Makes it that much more fun, really. I have benefited greatly from the Adoption Table, the Metal Exchange, and from working up the courage to go up and TALK TO THE ARTISTS; they hardly ever eat anyone, although listening to Tre Manor and Kev White talking to each other in wildly different regional accents begins to eat at the brain tissue after a while.


If it did me good, why not you?

And that's what I'm getting at. This year, one of the best parts of the con was watching OTHER PEOPLE SQUEE. 

I got a lot of this, partly in passing, and partly when asked questions. It was great. Again, I must single out Mocha, who was having more fun than she could stand, to the point where nearly every time I saw her, she was grinning big enough to bite her own ears off... hee!

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Fiasco After Dark....'nuff said!

I am so glad I decided to stay late to host this. I'm fairly certain this will be a regular "unofficial" event from here forward.


I just ordered the books from Amazon, so I will be able to help more for next visit to Reapercon

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Among all the "everyone is so nice" comments, I want to call out three people I haven't seen mentioned (as far as this con goes):


Tre Manor: absolutely one of the most humble, low-key artists I've ever met. If you ever have the chance to shake his hand I highly recommend it. Had a blast talking with him about the work on his table and his kickstarters past and future. I was also told by a fellow con-goer that Tre and I share the "most luxurious beard" title, so there's that, too.


Charlie from Artisan Dice: thanks for putting up with the incessant stream of questions! Charlie was constantly enthusiastic and happy to help, up to and including taking a walk with me to the parking lot to get product from his truck that wasn't on the table. If I'd had more cash, I would have failed all the will saves at his table, because his love for the product is infectious.


OutriderBryan: I came in with a need for his product but a LOT of questions about his business. If any of you've read the thread discussing Outrider Hobbies you know they haven't always been the most reliable outfit, and I grilled him a bit before committing to buy anything. He was apologetic for the mistakes of the past and quite open about his plans to stay on top of orders going forward. He made a genuine effort to set me at ease and I never got the vibe he was secretly planning to smother me in my sleep (as some vendors I've dealt with elsewhere have given off). He gave me a hard delivery date for the custom foam I ordered and I plan to hold him to it, but I also left with a very positive feeling about it all.

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Favorite part


Of course hanging out with fellow con-goers doing geeky stuff that I can't do at home!


I will say final day @ the factory comes very close thou. Thank you, Orion & Victor!


Meat & Great meal was fantastic this year! Thank you Reaper & again to Victor!

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. I was also told by a fellow con-goer that Tre and I share the "most luxurious beard" title, so there's that, too.

Yeah, its close, man, but I think Tre's got you of that one...by a hair. ::P:

Ha. Ha. Ha. :/




Seriously though, I do have beard envy for Tre, and that doesn't happen often. His is pretty fantastic.

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There are to many favorites for me to mention.


All of the wonderful people who I was finally able to put faces with and interact with in a much more satisfying way than text on a computer screen.  I mean, I knew they were awesome people from interacting with them on the boards, but they are even better in person.


Talking with Talespinner (Andy) about all sorts of things sculpting.  Finally meeting Tre who is truly a stand up guy.  All of the other artists who were so free with their time.


Playing Cards Against Humanity with the "Idiot Luggage Combo Room" crew.  The group had many years of RCon together and welcomed a Con newbie with open arms an made feel like I had know them for years.  Thanks to you all.


The best thing that happened to me personally though was my last class.  I took the 2 PM Army Painting class with Aaron Lovejoy.  As it was happening during the auction, I was the only one there. So I basically had a two hour one on one with one of my favorite artists.  We quickly left the Army painting topic behind and he ended up teaching me how to use my new airbrush, while waxing philosophic on all things painting.  The thing he left me with was how special Reaper Con really is.  Lots of cons have guests.  Some cons have classes where you can learn from great artists, but that is the only time you get to talk to them.  RCon is the only con where the artists are available to the attendees for the entire time.  Reaper provides space for them to work and display there work, and they in turn provide advice, critique and encouragement to so many people.  It truly is an experience to remember.


So thank you to all of those I did meet that made my first true con such a success; all of you that I missed, I'm sorry and I'll try and catch you next time; and finally to the Reaper Peeps themselves, thank you for all that you did and do to make this event happen and be the most enjoyable thing it can be.

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The 6 of us all huddled together over his shoulder intently watching a master.

That was hilarious. "You can gather around if you'd like..." and SWARM. I was basically sitting on Nissiana's shoulders. Sorry, Niss!
This is true. Although since I took a knee in order to be eye level with the painting action, it was probably inevitable. No worries! (I totally intercepted some of Derek's awesome painting mojo, so we're square ;)


Also, some of my other favorite moments: fangirling to Bob Ridolfi and learning what a lovely gentleman he is; fingerpainting and diorama brainstorming with James Wappel; late night painting jams in the lobby; Fiasco!; and of course catching up with friends from last year while making new friends. Y'all are some awesome, and awesomely talented, folks.

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Don't make me choose.

This year, I took the time to sit down and talk with some folks, and I'm glad I did. I don't get to see ANY of you up close and personal as often as I'd like, except when I'm in a place where you're all milling around at once, and I'm pinballing from person to event to class to forum to game...

Need to come earlier next year.


As a point of interest, should anybody be planning to show up early, if I do go next year I will be showing up a couple of days before the con and leaving a couple of days after.  I'm not a big fan of travelling, and if it's all too crammed together and hectic it just ruins me.  I like to get in, situate, decompress, chillax a while, so that by the time the con actually starts I feel like I live there (also gives me time to explore the ventilation system)  The con is 4 days, my trip covers 8.  Much nicer.


So if people will be kicking around before and after the con dates, and I'm confirmed as going, I can totally tell people when I'll be in town beforehand.

I believe that had there been an award for "Forum Person We Most Want To Meet" at ReaperCon, it would have been you! Please come next year!




As a follow-up to this, Shadowraven was kind enough to share his expenses with me.  I figure it's probably roughly equal to what I'd have to spend - and it turned out to be a lot less than I thought.


Moreover, the primary trip complication (saving money aside to see somebody I haven't seen in a while) might be easily solved by planning my return route with an extended stopover in another american city (up to 6 months, if'n I choose) after the convention.  Anything I procured at the con I'd be mailing back to myself anyway, because I hate lugging things on planes - so I wouldn't have to worry about it.


The chances of me going to next RCon are quite good, assuming nothing disruptively bad occurs in the meantime. 

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Seargent_Crunch, thank you for starting this thread; it's a good way for someone like me who wasn't able to go to get a feel for what it was like to be there. It's also making me sad for missing out on so much funtimes and awesome people, but that's just making me even MORE determined to make it next year!  ^_^


This year, one of the best parts of the con was watching OTHER PEOPLE SQUEE. 


lol If that's the case, you should probably bring earplugs to the next one. I have been known to be very squee-ful, especially when seeing small, cute things. Or small, amazing things. Given that I will be surrounded by thousands of small, cute, amazing things, I'll probably end up just turning into one big squee on the spot. ^_^  :bday:


@buglips - Huzzah!!!!  ::D: Very glad to hear that, since you're on my list of "moderately famous peoples I want to meet one day."  ::):



--OneBoot :D

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