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77148, Mangu Timur....Melons style

Mr Melons

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While i was patiently waiting for the wife to finish her classes at Reapercon, I decided I wanted to paint something and took him from my list of minis to do. I wanted to practice with big armored dudes so I figured his was as good as any. Later on that day, the news of the Bones LTPK came out and I thought it was ironic that I was painting the same mini that comes in it. I ended up actually going for more of a villainous look with him instead of the more traditional blue/gold look that he had in the kit. I grabbed one of the bases that came in the Reapercon swag bag and decided to properly base him as well (my first attempt at basing). I also tried a few dry brushing techniques and my first attempt at black lining as well. All in all I'm happy with what came out so here goes:








The wife says I'm improving and I think so too but I'm a few dozen minis worth of experience behind her so I have a lot of catching up to do. As always C&C is always welcome.

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For a fifth mini, this is really really good, IMO. You have nice smooth lining, your highlights are crisp, and your color choices are good (not garish like how some of us started).


Welcome to "the hobby" , Mr Melons.

The first rule of "the hobby" is : talk about the hobby...

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