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[Open/Group] WIP Bones L2PK

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And here we go....


My eyes were getting tired by the time I got to the drybrushing so not sure how it turned out. I will see as soon as I grab the pic to put in this post.



Step 1:



Step 2:



Step 3 & 4:



So it looks like I may need to go over it again with white to bring out a bit more highlight before I start on the bow, quiver, and grass.


Hopefully I can continue with this in the next day or two and finish him up.

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Lots of mold lines I didnt see until painting. bleh. Need to get better at spotting those at the start.

It looks like taking pictures is a good way to locate the ones you are finding hard to see. I usually do a light wash of something like brown liner first, but haven't tried that on bones yet. I keep hearing it will bead up.

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Ok this was the last of the Final Stage section with drybrush highlighting all the other areas.  Went over skeleton with pure white drybrush too.


I see a few things I could do better and may grab some skeletons from the KS1 box and practice more once I am done with the other two minis in the set.






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We are pet sitting my in-laws' two cats, and they have taken up residence in my hobby room. So it is the perfect opportunity to break out the portable Bones LTPK and paint on the dining room table. It is also sad to see an Open/Group WIP thread with only one contributor.


Step -1: Mold line clean-up; boil and bend the bow shaft




Step 0: I have never tried the Buglips method of giving Bones an initial wash of Brown Liner, and wanted to try it out. The problem was, my Brown Liner was packed away in the closet of my hobby room (guarded by transient cats). I mixed up a wash of Pure Black + Harvest Brown from the kit for a close approximation.




Step 1: Time to start the real instructions. Basecoat the bones.




Step 2: Wash the bones.




I'm going to hit the bones with another wash to darken the shadows more before moving on to the drybrush highlights.

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Steps 3 & 4: Drybrush highlights on bones. The directions instruct you to drybrush a final highlight of Pure White, but I'm not a big fan. I think the white highlight is too harsh (or, I can't limit the placement of the highlight enough to keep it from looking harsh). My top highlight is an equal mix of Dirty Bone and Pure White.




Step 5: Basecoat accessories





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Step 6: Wash accessories (bow got a brown wash, everything else got a black wash)






Step 7: Final drybrush highlights






Overall, I'm pleased with how the skeleton archer turned out. The kit is great, and I really like the painting system Rhonda spells out. Basecoat, wash, drybrush basecoat, drybrush highlight. It's easy to follow, and should be easy to translate on other minis. I look forward to doing just that on some more Bones once I finish up the other minis in the kit. Next up is the orc.

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Next up in the kit is the orc warrior.




For the orc, Rhonda recommends painting each area separately. The same general principle stands; basecoat, wash, drybrush base color, drybrush highlight. First up was the skin.






It's a nice olive green. Not too cartoony.

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