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Swag Bags Back

Doug Sundseth

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So second Swag Bag box plus other Reaper goodies have been delivered and I still have three-ish hours of work left in the day. So can't wait to get home.


ETA: Swag Bag aquired. Plusses, got a sample bottle of what looks like an emerald green and got a drawing of Sophie as a Flash Gordon`s Dale Arden.

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Any chance that anyone knows where to find a product page for the sock puppet mini(s)?


I want to add it to my Evernote collection and would rather not use a photo that I take if possible.

The sock puppets are around the middle of the page here.




Yay, thank you for posting the link! Now I can get one of my own, since my bag didn't come with one.  :down:


I think I'll get the Sock Knights, because boots.  :bday:


ETA: Ouch, shipping is just about as much as the item!  :zombie: Perhaps they will go onto my wishlist instead.



--OneBoot :D

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I bought a badge for ReaperCon this year but wasn't able to attend. 


Any thoughts on when I might get my swag bag in the mail?

It has been our intent to prevent persons form signing up for tickets solely to acquire the swag bags, so that we may better judge attendance numbers.  We will certainly work in good faith with anyone who has treated us in good faith in this regard, and I will certainly look into this issue. 


Be aware that your Reapercon.com registration has no address attached, so there is no inherent ability to know what address to ship anything to.  I do not know at this time whether your email has been addressed, nor do I know what our policy is, as at this time, you are the only person to have contacted us with this same issue.

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I attended ReaperCon in 2013, and wanted to attend this year, I even had my rooming situation planned out with a friend. Life has just been really chaotic and several things have fallen through the cracks.


If I need to chip in for postage or something, please let me know.

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