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20005: Skeleton Archer, Boney Melons

Mr Melons

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Once the wife and I got home from Reapercon and after we slept and unpacked, we got some painting in last night around 1am. The bones Skeleton Archer was on my list of stuff I wanted to paint so I did a quick 2 hour "speed paint" of one just to see how it would come out. I got to sit in on one of my wife's private lessons and got some great second hand info that I wanted to try out. So here goes:








For spits and giggles I decided to paint my wife's Paint Poker Tool, because the first second I saw it, it whispered "paint me" very gingerly to me. Here it is:









When I finished I had mentioned to the wife that I wanted to paint the other one red to commemorate the Captain America 2 release earlier this month and her immediate response was "I WANT TO PAINT THAT!!!" I had been secretly hoping she would blurt out "HAIL HYDRA" but she didn't =(.

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So Mr. & Mrs. are you both at work while posting or both at home or one home and one at work? Just curious, because I have this image in my head of you sitting back to back giggling and laughing as you post something to the other online rather than saying it in person.

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