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The point of this thread is to post pictures of yourself so that other people can identify you at conventions or local paint days. I will post a picture of myself in a post below.


Other information you could consider including

Forum Name on Reaper Forum

Forum Name Elsewhere

Actual Name

Location of Where You Live



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Top Posters In This Topic

Don't have a picture yet, but I can fill in other information. I will add a picture once I have one


Forum Name: Flamehawke

Forum Name Elsewhere: Almost exclusively Flamehawke (Might want to double check with me if I am on the forum before digging me up as I am not prolific on the internet as I usually spend time off of it when possible.)


Actual name: Sharon

Current Location: Indiana

Soon-to-be Location: Omaha, NE

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Don't have a current photo worth posting, I'm afraid.

Forum Name on Reaper Forum: Bruunwald
Forum Name Elsewhere: I've used Bruunwald on every game or modeling-related forum I frequent for about eight years now. Or more. Actually... more like ten years. Or eleven.
Actual Name: Jeremy
Location of Where You Live: San Francisco Bay Area
Your FLGS: Gator Games is closest. That's in San Mateo, CA.

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Forum Name on Reaper Forum: Look to your left :P
Forum Name Elsewhere: Pretty much The same, I prefer the No-Dachi battlemech as my icon.
Actual Name: AJ
Location of Where You Live: The frozen tundra of Northeast Ohio.
Your FLGS: Gamer's Haven


Pic! Edit: spoiler tags to save space



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Reaper Alias: MatrissaTheEnchantress
Other Aliases:

  • the same on some other gaming/geeky/fannish sites
  • strawberryjamm or strawbjamm most other places.

Actual name: Jenni
Location: Port Moody, BC, Canada (suburb of Vancouver)


  • Imperial Hobbies (Richmond, BC), 
  • Hourglass Comics (Port Moody, BC)

FLGC (C=convention):

  • Gottacon (March, Victoria, BC),
  • Northwest Fan Fest (June, Vancouver, BC)
  • VCON (October, Vancouver, BC metro area)


Photo of me, as a "data" pirate, and my hubbie as a regular pirate...








Costume detail showing off why it's a "data" pirate costume...





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As I plan to be prominently labelled "BUGLIPS" at any con, I'll forego the picture for now.  I wouldn't want to make LK feel more lied to when he sees my hooman disguise, and I also wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of everybody at the Con when they find out I'm really the elephant man.


I may have said too much. 



Also, Boots totally looks like the sarcastic german girl I went to high school with - but I won't hold it against her.  :upside:  

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  • Moderator

Also, Boots totally looks like the sarcastic german girl I went to high school with - but I won't hold it against her.  :upside:  


It's odd how often I get that response.


...Not the sarcastic German girl bit, but the fact that I look like someone that somebody knows from somewhere. I have people asking me where I went to high school a lot. I guess I have one of those faces...?  :huh:


Y'all should feel lucky I even posted a pic, to be honest. I was quite sorely tempted to just leave it at just the first two pictures, since I very rarely post pictures of myself online. Because reasons.


EDIT: I also quite frequently get the response "You don't look at all like I pictured you would" when I meet someone in person for the first time when I've only known them online. Which really makes me wonder how they imagined I would look like in the first place. I haven't dared to ask...  :unsure:



--OneBoot :D

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I have that familiar face thing going on, too.  Which was not in the least helped by the fact that I had a doppelganger.  Who I actually met once.  Only that one time.  We had a coffee and talked for about 20 minutes about all the times people had mistaken each of us for the other.  Then we agreed not to fight to the death to figure out who was real and who was the clone, shook hands, and never ran into one another again.


I like to think he's still out there... somewhere... working on supervillain plans in a volcano lair or something. 

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Forum Name: dsmiles (I thought that this one was kind of obvious, myself.)

Forum Name Elsewhere: dsmiles. I'm me EVERYWHERE.

Secret Identity: Dave

FLGS: Other Realms in Honolulu...for now...stupid army.







I could show you, but then I'd have to kill you. Please don't make me kill you.


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