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Mr. Melons' WIPs and Platemail

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I decided to make this my WIPs thread... I even renamed it in honor of the decision.

@_@ Knew I loved you for a reason, better hope it is okay enough so that Lady Storm doesn't throw the lock and delete hammer at you.

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Barnabus has taken a backseat for a day or so.  Anyways, while the wife was out at the local Renaissance Festival, I stayed home and painted =D. I woke up at about noon today and felt the need to prime the Reptus Warlord figure I got for our weekly D&D Next campaign where I run a Dragonborn Fighter.  There really aren't many Dragonborn-like minis out there so I was lucky to find one that actually matched my look.  I spent the better part of the day on him and got this far:









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Platemail is like maleness, authority and respect in a convenient wearable form. Just look at Space marines! All male, all authority, all respected, and when they take their helmets off their eyes don't even make it over the edge of their vast bulging masculine cuirass. This also explains why fantasy women always skip bits of their platemail; a full kit of it causes a spontaneous gender switch...

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