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Mr. Melons' WIPs and Platemail

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The hellhound looks fantastic. I may thief the color scheme.

Thank you...feel free to. I took it from Martin Jones' pic on the Reaper metal version.



You've got some really good stuff going on in a fairly short time. I particularly like the hell hound. Keep it up.

Thanks wolf. I see you caught up quickly too. *Stands up after the wolf pounce*

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Hellhound looks great, but the OSL isn't quite believable. The flames coming off his back need to be waaaay brighter (unless it's just a camera issue, in which case ignore this). For OSL, the lightsource needs to be the brightest thing on the mini, and dramatically enough so that it's obvious that it's casting light on the rest. Here, the flames look mostly dark reddish-orange. They should be near-white in the crevices, then down to yellow, orange, orange-red, and then red on the very tips (and maybe some very light touches of very dark red-brown for a smokier look). Also, your flames look like they might be backwards: in general (though this does change somewhat depending on the conditions) the hottest part of a fire is the lightest in color, and that's at the base. Then it gets darker as it moves away from the source of the flame. Similarly, I would expect the yellow part of the OSL... reflection(?) to be the closest to the fire, and the red on the furthest edge.


Your placement is excellent though, and the shading was very believable even before the OSL.

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Way to go Mr. Melons! You have drastically improved since you started, and as always, I'm envious of the speed that everyone seems to move through minis. Keep up the great work!

Dude! That carpet bombing of likes hurt lol. From what I'm seeing it's the opposite with me. I see everyone putting in tons of time into theirs and I'm like..."I spent 7 or 8 hours on this guy...." and people spend days on theirs =(.

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The wife managed to convince me to go to CMON With her last night. So, on about 6 hours of sleep the last two days, I got off work at 7am this morning (after an 8 hour shift), picked up the wife, and headed to the con. While there, the wife "encouraged" me to paint one of the paint and takes there (by encourage I mean she pretty much sat me down and told me to). I saw this cool looking mecha and immediately got dirty looks from the wife 'cuz she wanted to paint it too. I started to paint and realized something. NEVER paint while on the effects of caffeine! I had to take a Monster energy drink and a 5 hour energy just to stay awake. For about 3 hours my hands didn't want to stay still and it took every ounce of concentration to steel my nerves. Also, the wife and I took Wren's glazing and blending class and I learned some new stuff that I immediately put into practice with the model. Also, I went with an EVA unit 01 paint scheme with it if you are an Evangelion fan. Here is what emerged:









So, long story short....don't do "drugs" (caffeine is a drug) while painting kids.


BTW...I know he has wicked mold lines. The wife didn't have her xacto knife and the diamond files didn't even make a scratch on them. I'll have to clean them up and stuff at a later time.

Edited by Mr Melons
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