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May 2014 Painting Goals

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Ok, folks. Here we go, another month, more painting! Post-Reapercon level-up goodness and inspiration for those who didn't make it. Let's have a banner month!


My goals are to begin to absorb the massive info from Reapercon and paint at least a couple of models with some amount of sculpted detail on their bases.

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Okay, I'm going to try to be more realistic with how slow I've been painting lately, but I do have some goals for this month!

  • Finish the Eye Beast for the challenge by May 5th! - Finished!
  • Paint up "The Barbarian Dude: Redux" as my new figure to represent my PC in our PF game. - Finished w/ an additional figure (the Flesh Golem) as part of the base.
  • Paint up a figure for one of my Pathfinder table-mates - This is Karick-Dar the Apprentice with Zargun, Assassin's blade (both Guild of Harmony figures)
  • Get started on my sci-fi piece which will be the opposite of the above, since I swapped weapons for Karick and Zargun, I'll be painting up Zargun w/ the light saber and I might do it as a vignette or diorama.
  • I have a few more figures to paint for our PF game as well as some more dioramas I might get started on... we'll see how much time I have after getting a few of the others above completed.
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My goal is to paint another 8, one of which should prominently feature Deadrose Red. Anne gave me tips on how to shade and highlight this difficult color, so I will try to use it again.



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My May painting goals

  • A dragon of the month for May
  • I need to get some DarkSword miniatures out of the way before the kickstarter ones come out.
  • My contest entry for the D-day convention. I could wait until June to do it but that would only give me 6 days.
  • I also plan to paint two miniatures game tokens for the Pathfinder Card game

Apparently the Darksword kickstarter is coming very soon. So I will have to get started on some of those.




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Oh. I know what I should select, but I am going to do what I most likely get done this will be my hectic make sure everything is ready to go month for the move on the first Saturday of June.


  • Finish my Frost Wyrm (Seriously this may be just it)
  • Do some research digging for good tutorials on Shading and highlighting.
  • Try to finish this years Sophie for my awesome friend who is letting me have all the rest of the Swag in the Swag Bag.


I will see how well this does.

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Time to get the numbers up.


1.  Goblins!  I dug out ALL my remaining Bones Goblins (51).  Going to aim for 20 done in May, at work.  This are just going to be base coat and Quickshade.

2. Professor Jerusalem from EotD, leader of the Clickers. 

3. A bloody dragon.  I'm going to finish one this month!

4. Finish off the BdE bot.

5. Prep some Brotherhood figures.

6. Poke along on that Stonehaven Dwarf.

7. Plan out my There Be Giants diorama.  I have cunning plan....

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Well, I'm going to be on travel for 2/3rds of the month so there will be some roadblocks but I'm going to do my best. 


-Beauty Pageant Eye Beast.  See if I can get this done by the deadline.


-Finish the dwarf I was practicing hair on during RCon


-Get some airbrush practice in a dragon.  I've got all of the Bones ones so one of them to start.  The idea is to work my way through them in order to level up enough to tackle my Ancient Wyrms (the Darksword KS and the Heresy Dragon).


-Prep some mini's to bring overseas with me with the necessary paints to finish them.  It's time that I start finishing the dozens of minis on my shelf of shame that have been abandoned after (some times before) finishing the base coat step.


Now that I have put this out there I sure Murphy will be gunning for me, but I'm going for it anyways.

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this month the goal is 8.

I bought 36 scaven miniatures on Ebay. I have always had a weakness for ratmen (non-lycanthrope)  Now I will have the minis for them.

I think ill try to get 4-8 painted. 


6 skaven done   bases painted ROYGBV

Monochrome blue archer (started) 

Pirate with chest (brown lined) 




Stone Golem

Female ElvenFighter

Villager with torch/pitchfork

Female Barbarian

(2) Candle sticks.

revised chest


15 finished!

My new baby sleeps, the wife works, and I paint.  Although it has hurt my exercise (running) goals

Now that older daughter is out of school, I will probably slow down again. 

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I finished only 50% of last month's goals -- finished Kaladrax, but didn't really get started on another large mini, because I was just trimming flash from a bunch of minis and experimenting with primer on Bones -- and no, stripping the paint off my old AMT 12-inch vinyl Captain Kirk figure doesn't count as starting a large mini!


So my goals for May include at least painting one large Bones mini and six smaller ones. Stretch goals are finishing a dozen.

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