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With warm weather threataning to arrive soon, I am preparing for another Motorcycle Gaming season. (actually been riding for a month now)... My Jeep doesn't work so I take my bike everywhere now.  I was curious how many others here also ride. SO! Post up if your ride and if you ride to get to your game sessions how do you pack everything to be safe? Feel free to post a pic of your bike if you like. I'll post mine here:


1992 Kawasaki Vulcan 88 (1500)

This was the day I got it. I no longer have saddlebags and a couple other things have changed.


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I ride, but will have to wait until later to post a pic. I thought I had posted one here several years ago when I got it, but can't find it.

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2006 Victory Kingpin (i got tired of the gas milage on the Honda Valkyrie). I haven't took it gaming, but have been know to fill the saddlebags or T-bag with gaming supplies while traveling around the country.

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I ride a 2011 BMW F800R.  This photo is from when I bought it.  I have a windshield that goes on for long highway rides.  I also have a tank bag mount (my tank is in the rear and the hump is not magnetic) and GPS mount.  The panniers are removable, and are Pelican Storm cases.  Oh, the panniers have more stickers on them now.  My Reaper sticker from ReaperCon is going on there soon.






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