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Painting Contest - Be a Spaceship Superstar! (ends Sept 7th, 2014)

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It's awesome so many folks are getting into this!


I am starting to think that encouraging MORE people into fantastic dioramas is really against me... specially if Jasper has the VOID VASA Viper bikes...




You mean these ones?





Oh... man, NOW I need to push on. You are eeeevil. 


Funny story, I found out some cool bikes design I intended to scratchbuilt as scenery, and yesterday realised those were the VOID Viper Bikes, and the Grav Bikes from another faction (Scytha? Something like that).



You just made Willen's year with that Jasper!

Now I'm expecting a WORKING miniature TARDIS.  ::D:


(I'd also like to point out that I am in no way responsible (in general) and more specifically I'm in no way responsible for the judging of this contest (thank goodness).)



I will do my best. Problem is, only works with a miniature key, and you need to be a miniature Doctor to step in. 


I am only teasing you because I knew you had no part on the judging.


But I had known earlier I would've asked you to part with them  :ph34r: 

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