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Painting Contest - Be a Spaceship Superstar! (ends Sept 7th, 2014)

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Best Reaper - Reaper provided award for the best all Reaper entry(TBD)


What exactly constitutes "all Reaper"?


Example: Reaper doesn't make sci-fi diorama bases, so I ordered a Secret Weapon base to put my four Reaper miniatures on. It will probably have hand-crafted elements as well. Is that "all Reaper"?

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I was under the impression all reaper is all reaper figures

Me too, but you know what an assumption does...


EDIT: Also how "retro" can we go?


Example: The works of H.G. Wells were clearly sci-fi at the time, but not necessarily sci-fi now.

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Sorry, the combination of "retro" and "not clean" immediately takes my thoughts to that movie.


Edit: I may have to paint something Barbarella-esque for this. Now I just need a smexy-retro-space-woman. (And Jane Fonda STILL manages to look good, even at her age.)

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