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Painting Contest - Be a Spaceship Superstar! (ends Sept 7th, 2014)

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Ahh multitasking... the bain of modern society.. the best way to show progress without actually getting anywhere!   focus focus ...on the Star Wars scene.  Get it done and posted and a weight will lift off your shoulders.  ^_^

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Unfortunately, I am a little behind. Travel, kid's vacation time, plus recent developments bringing down my enthusiasm a bit is playing against me.


Still looking forward to finishing the TARDIS diorama anyway, just... need a new spark or burst of painting activity.







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I was going to hold off a few more days, but I have been sitting on these guys for a few weeks and really wanted share them so I put up my squad entry. If nothing else, they were fun to paint.  Hopefully they're in the right category.  This painting contest thing is new to me, the last contest I entered was for making pies a few years ago.

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