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My First Mini, Redux - Bones "Mr Bones" 77195

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Now, THIS, is a bit more like it!




2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_back01.jpg  2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_back02.jpg


2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_side_left.jpg  2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_side_right.jpg


Even super magnified, he's looking good enough that I'm not trippin'. Closer to actual size, he looks great.


2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_side_left_sm.jpg  2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_side_right_sm.jpg  2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_back_sm.jpg  2014.05.01_MrBones3.0_front_sm.jpg

Viewed "in person", he could almost pass for one of the guys being sold by experienced painters.


Well, at least, to my inexperienced eye, he can! Needless to say, I am definitely happy that I stuck with it and gave in to my OCD urges.


Now is where I invite constructive criticism that might help me with my next project. Please do bring it on! Oh yeah.. Compliments are still totally welcome too! :B):


The WIP thread for this one is here

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Thanks lots you guys!! As for the tip on the glowing eyes effect, I'll definitely keep that in mind for a future piece. For Mr. Bones, I wanted a kind of smouldering, cavernous look.


I've got a bit of the glowing eyes effect going on with my dragon though. I just sort of went by instinct/hunch, and it worked just like I hoped it would. I LOVE it when that happens!!

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