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So today Dilvish and I went to visit Aard_Rinn and she gave me three cool brushes. (Thanks again Aard!) When I got home I immediately started to work on a serving wench for my D&D group, our last in school meet is next Friday. After I finished with everything Dilvish said the tomorrow he would teach me how to highlight hair on my minnies! I'm so excited! I'm gonna be posting picture of it as soon as I finish.

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Looking forward to it. ^_^ Figuring out where highlights go can be a right pain.



Don't let him act like he's Obi-Wan. I was sitting next to him in class last weekend when he learned ;). 

Truth is I will shamelessly use the handouts from said class in the instruction as I'm packing for my flight.  Between that and Rhonda's excellent instructions in the Bones L2P Kit, coupled with her younger eyes and steadier hands, she should be giving the old man a run for his money very soon,


Although there is something to be said about old age and treachery.

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