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CMON Expo in Atlanta May 23-25

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The second CMON Expo is taking place in Atlanta from May 23rd to May 25th. The web page with additional information is here:




Painting Contest

There are 13 categories within the show, and bronze, silver and gold placements will be awarded in each. The best in show of the entire contest becomes a Crystal Brush qualifier, winning airfare to the finals, but this is not the Crystal Brush itself, and you do not need to be a painter of international renown to enter or win a placement!


Painting Seminars and Events

Painting guests include me (Wren, aka Rhonda Bender), Jen Haley (aka Paintrix), Elizabeth Beckley (painter of chibis), Brandon Palmer (7 day army painter), and Curtis Shoemake (CMON painter). We will offer five painting seminars/demos on Friday and Saturday, and two on Sunday. Topics include painting chibis, glazes, faces and flesh tones, source lighting, non-metallic metal, and likely a couple of more. (My personal topics are source lighting, blending via layering, and the many uses for glazing.) The painting events section of the web site is still in progress, so it won't list times for all of those yet.


There is a Paint & Take area, and I think you will also be welcome to work on projects of your own if you prefer. I do not currently have information about what paints or figures might be at the P&T, so you might want to bring a few paints, brushes and figures if you really want to dive in and paint. The painting guests will likely spend time outside of the seminars in the P&T area, so you should be able to get feedback on your work if you bring something to practice techniques on, or be able to ask questions about other topics.


I suspect I'll spend most of my time in the P&T area painting, hanging out with people and answering questions. I'll have a good selection of Reaper paints with me, so if you've been wanting to try these in person or see a particular colour, it's a good chance to do that. I will also bring some Bones with me, so if you haven't had a chance to try these out yet, hit me up for a free Bones and some tips on painting it. If there's a particular tool or substance from my Bones tests that you'd like to examine or try out in person, or a particular Reaper paint colour you've been wanting to get a look at in person, PM me here, and I'll do my best to bring it along. 


Gaming Events

Scheduled tournaments include Dark Age, Wrath of Kings, Warhammer Ancient Battles, Kaosball, Rivet Wars, Zombicide, Sedition Wars and a few others. Last year they also had demo tables set up where you could learn to play most of these games and others published by CMON.



Con guests include game designers and internet personalities (Ted Terranova, Tom Vasel, Eric Lang, Rodney Smith and more), and they will meet for panels related to game design, marketing, Kickstarter and other interesting topics. 



Cool Stuff Inc, Dark Age, Guillotine Games, Miniature Building Authority, On the Lamb, Studio McVey, Super Robot Punch, Wrath of Kings, and Cool Mini or Not.

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crud.  this is the weekend (memorial day) that we have our low country boil party.  Last year was close to 15 gallons of low country boil (20 lbs of kilbasa, 30 lbs of potatoes, 40 lbs of shrimp, 15 lbs of corn, 10 lemons, 8 softball sized onions, and other sundry items) and we almost ran out.  this year is expected to almost double in number of people attending....


It takes me almost half a day to prep (saturday) and half a day (sunday) to cook (3-4 hours)

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Go in the morning Saturday, then prep that afternoon?

three hour drive to downtown Atlanta.... three hour drive back... 3 hours spend at the con (more if I could swing it)...  too many hours spend and still need to prep food with sharp knives.... not a good choice.

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I actually have a three day weekend that weekend... I'm seeing if I can talk my husband into going... we will see... the gaming track is a little more spotty on the website then I would like to talk him into attending, but we will see.  <_<


As for the painting classes, do you know what they will cost to take? Or is the cost of the classes mixed in with the registration fee, and how are they taking sign up for the classes?

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So far as I know, the registration fee covers all the scheduled events, and there is no additional fee for panels, seminars, games or contest entries. On the flip side, that does mean that these are demo/seminar paint classes, not plush hands-on ones like the ones with an additional fee that you'll find at Gen Con or ReaperCon that often come with a handout and/or practice miniature. But if you bring along a few figures from home that fit the topic, you should be able to do some practice on that topic after a class, and the teacher should be around the painting area on occasion and hopefully available to give you feedback on your practice. I'm planning to bring my Knoxville paint club paints, so I should have the exact colours I use available for people to try out, assuming there isn't a huge mob of people wanting to do that.


I'm not aware of any sign up procedure for the classes, though it's likely first come, first serve for seating. There may be a projector or something to help give more people a better view, so hopefully the seating issue isn't even too big a thing. 


I am checking into whether there is likely to be space for open gaming for people to play games they bring or buy at the convention. My husband is likewise much more interesting in gaming than painting. His main interest is strategy board games, and he would be happy to bring some if it ends up being welcome.

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My husband as well is interested in strategy board games... among other board games (and I'm a bit of a board game nut myself).


And the more low key classes are a good thing, 1) though I've taken some of those classes at Gen Con, I don't know if I'm in a spot where I want something as intense at the moment... ( think I'm being a bit painting shy.. or something, don't know haven't figured it out, but the idea of a one on one causes a flight response in me.   :rock: )

2) Low key classes will be more likely to get my husband to attend. He is a good painter, he just doesn't think he is... and he doesn't like my speed paint technique of sloppy base coat, slather in game color wash, build back up the mid-tones and highlights in opaque layers, w/ a little bit of wet blending here and there. He is a an ultra clean base coat, and then unsure what to do with the shadows and highlights kinda guy.  :lol:


And Mammoth Cave is open on Monday... I think I have a chance at talking him into this... but we will see. I'll let you know if we are coming, so we can coordinate which board games to bring.  :bday:



edit - The husband also thinks me encouraging his painting is ultimately a plot by me to get more minis... since my mini acquisitions are theoretically capped at the number I have unpainted. 

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My apologies for the double post...


Looks like we won't make it down to Atlanta. I tried. The husband even said at one point "Is this one of those things where you will keep asking me to wear me down so I will eventually say 'yes'?" (My answer to that was of course YES!)


But he makes a good point, he already drives 5.5 hours once a week for his job (We are trying to change that, but it hasn't happened yet) and he is more car ride adverse than I am, and with a wedding up in Michigan the Friday after Memorial day, going to Atlanta would put in in the car for more than 20 hours during a weeks time. So I am going to have to give him this one, and not pester him into accepting. (Especially since I've pestered him into Reaper con next year.  :lol: ) So I'll take it as a win.


I'll try to make it down to one of the Knoxville paint days. Almost made it to one, but the need for sleep finally caught up with me. I need to hide better.  :ph34r: Pesky sleep, always getting in my way of doing interesting things.

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Looks like the only day I'll be able to go to CMON is on Sunday. /grumbles 'darn work schedules razza frazza'

Least I'm able to go to something. Since it's also Sunday, I may drag my mother with me so she can see that I am in fact, not a crazy person and painting miniatures is a thing. 

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