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Zombicide Miniatures (start to paint walkers)

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I startet a long while ago to paint the Survivors and Zombivors and did als a while nothing. So I started this weekend to proceedwith error corrections and some highlights. Made even new errors (Belles face). :-)


I started also to make the bases looking like a street. My only problem is, I didn't found the color I want to use. I still need to look for the correct Vallejo color which gives me the color I want. Another problem I had with some of the bases was, I made it to thick, so it looks like the charakter is sunken in the base a little bit.


I want to use also some of the files for the bases from another >>post<<.


I will post in the next few days the others. All theminis will get a show off after I completed the bases and made my own Lightbox (which will need 2 weeks until I can proceed on it again ::(: ).


About Josh's 'Guillotine Games'-Symbol. I printed it out with a inkjet. But it looked very weak, so I painted over the lines with white.


Ned, Belle, Amy and Kirk






Josh, Rose, Dakota and Brad





Here you can see how I will store my minis:






The following metal tray I can put on the top wooden strips in the box:



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Ok, here is a 42 minutes video:


Season 3 Zombicide: Changing the Game CMON EXPO 2014 Panel



wrong thread...

why can't I delete it?

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I repainted the bases, here is every painted Survivor and Zombivor I have. (Derek is missing)


Wanda, Kim, Amy



Raoul, Shannon, Rose



Neema, Belle, Adriana



Lea, Dakota, Brad



Joshua, Rick, Ralph



Josh, Thaissa, Kirk



Grindlock, Watts, Ned



Elsa, Phil, Doug



Season 2 Wave 2 Survivors and Zombivors:

I started friday evening painting them, until the next morning. 20 have already a base coat of paint on them. Next step are washes and highlights.


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use tamiya clear red x27 + black or brown
or instead of tamiya clear red you can also use Minitair Ghost Tint Fresh blood.

More about

in this video, most important is the first 30-40 seconds.

is this video good:

I do mine zombies similiar to this video:

Only difference is, that I put on the skin an extra drybrush highlight.
I use different Vallejo skin colors + bonewhite for the drybrush or vampiric shadow or vampiric skin from Reaper Miniatures

I use normally Vallejo game color or model color, some reaper paints and Tamiya clear red.

I primed all walkers together with army painters necrotic flesh:
Ok, only female zombies are visible, while making the photo icon_e_smile.gif
You can see where the others stood while priming...
Under the newspaper is a metal sheed I use normally to transport the minis.

And under every mini is a magnet in the middel of a washer. So I could easily hold all of them in one hand and prime them wit the other hand.

First batch of zombies I started to paint on friday evening.
After the primer, I put only the first coat of paint on the minis. And highlight of the skin.

2nd batch today, only first coat of paint:
Not every Zombie from today is on the photo. I did 48 Walkers today, 7 female zombies still need some paint.
And I still need to put color on hair, belts and shoes on todays minis.

Here are all painted zombies from today (photo made with flash light):

I used the brush from Raphael 8402, size 2/0
Only for the bases I used a bigger brush.

But more important is that I will use red on the side of the base to identify normal grey zombies from S1 and PO box. Runners will get later a yellow stripe on the base itself.

Toxic Zombies will get a green border and Angry Zombies Orange.

About my Zombie Box:
Here is the metal sheed I used also for priming:

Next batch waiting to be primed:
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      Fun fact! Like most zombicide minis, this sculpt was inspired by a fantasy character. In this case it is Isabeau from the movie Ladyhawke played by Michelle Pfeiffer. 
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