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Lord Delabrough on Mars: The Oasis

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The cavalry mounts are Axebeak from Reaper.  The riders and the rest of the Hinterland figures are from http://hinterlandminiatures.weebly.com


And lest there be accusations of importune behavior between the Lady and his Lordship, I offer the following publicly available information regarding their lordships:


Lady Sarai and Lord Robert do not offer comment on the matter, but they have been living in separate wings of their Scotland manor for longer than most would believe plausible given their apparent ages.  Those servants the broadsheets have been able to bribe have so far come up with nothing substantiated, and their Lordships' public relationship is the sort only found between lovers, siblings, or cousins.  They themselves do not care what others believe or publish, and certain Edinburgh publications have a standing reward offered for evidence of misbehavior. This reward has gone unclaimed since it was first offered in 1867.
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