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Casket Works 12


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Well just a few hours ago I read the articles for CW 12 which have been recently posted to the Casket Works section of the Reaper Site. It covered Razig in glorious detail. Has anyone else read this? Using Vandorendra as the Dark Maiden is a neat idea though I am hoping for a mini in the future. I wish I had a hard copy of the issue before now, but it's there and it answered more than a few of my questions.

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How's May for you? We'll post the green when we have it in hand from Chaz Elliot. I can say, having seen the work in progress when he stopped in last month, you won't be disappointed. (And I can't wait either!)


to sum up...

14090 Dark Maiden, sculpted by Chaz Elliot


Reaper Ivy

Layout Chick

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woohoo! I know I can hardly wait to see that green.


cher ^_^

been working hard on her - big multipiece casting that she is - had to study hard to get the anchor and the figurehead structure correct - or as correct as fantasy allows. Just have some cloth to do, add the swords, finish the back of the Prow section, finish the bloodflow around the base and hand it over to Reaper Ron.

I wish I could take some shots of her in progress to post on the sculpting(Craft) section. hey Ron what do ya say ??????


And of course Ron says finish the Reptus grunts first ya bass.

Ho Hum


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