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RENAISSANCE FAIR...This is my 10th piece in my Renaissance Fair project.


DATA...This is an open air art display stand...scratch built on ceiling tile...size (4" x 8")...again shown from concept art drawing to complete finish. The Reaper figure is just to show the scale of the finished piece and the scale of the paintings represented on display.


NOTE...This is the last " small " base piece in my project.


As always; I hope that you like this piece.


Paul (Catdancer)

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That is UBERCOOL; it brings back memories of doing the Summer Arts & Crafts Shows...that, surprisingly, does not detract from the piece. Once more IMAGINATIVELY WELL DONE!

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Thank you all for your very nice comments and feedback.


Malefactus...how is your project coming along...looking to see more postings of your fantastic surrealistic fantasy world.


Paul (Catdancer)


After some staring into space, I started on the populace. I have the Rotten Belles about halfway done to accompany Seedy Jon Apfel. I hope to start taking some closeups of the various boards with Folk wandering about...up to no good I'd say...in the next few days. I also started a couple of the 1' squares; AND there's some talk of doing SciFi/Post Apocalypse stuff for Doctor J (my friend Justin).

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