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Desert Dwarves


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Hey, as you know I'm starting up some Dwarfs to waste my friends. (I ordered some warriors this weekend) And I was wanting your feed back on the idea of a Dwarven warband lost in the desert. I'll post fluff on it later sometime.


I'm trying to give the army the feel of the desert. I don't know how to mold or convert the Dwarf head with rags. I'm looking around for a color scheme that will go with them as well. Probally red and a tan color. The skin tone of the Dwarfs will be dark, since they're in the sun a large amount.


The units I would use are giving me trouble. Trying to find units that would give my army a desert look and still tie into dwarfs. So far here is what I got with the help of members on the boards.


02252: Wind Elemental- I was going to paint this in a dusty color to represent the sand be sturred up. Instead of a air elemental he would be a desert twister.


02751: Stone Golem- This guy for some reason, when I look at him reminds me of a Egyptian looking figure. Maybe its the hat But the story behind him and the Dwarfs is they found him as a statue, representing a guard. He was animated and is now used in the warband.


02182: Giant Scorpion - Tammed and now used as the steed for the Warlord.


02564: Gaint Scarab Beetle- Tammed and now used for the Cavalry.




Elephant -

[b'>Djinn[/b] - http://ironwindmetals.com/catalog/product_...roducts_id=1286

Found in a temple they raided.


Miners - Incase they have to dig for treasure in the sands.


02396: Jalahandran Desert Warrior II - Desert Guide. Someone being paid to help them try to find their way. Just for looks pretty much.


Histroy and some fluff - A Dwarf warband gathered by a great adventurer roaming the desert sands insearch of promised riches in the Tombs of anicent kings. A curse unleashed on the soldiers for bothering a wizards resting place, the leader is dead and they've been cursed till death to be lost in the desert. They search hopelessly for months with no luck. They survive by raiding from the local viallges and tribes.


There, I think that adds the right information to give people a reason for why the dwarfs are there, how they survive, and possiable reasons why other groups might want to slaughter them.


Any feed back or bashing would be apperciated. I'm looking to try and make this a pretty cool looking force. Thanks FeverDreams for the spark.


P.S. Links are screwed up

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I think you are off to a good start here. Keep us oared on your progress.


Headgear should not be too difficult. Saw off the helmets with a zona saw or dremel, then make a burnoose out off paper, aluminum foil or a self-drying clay. I think the paint schemes you've suggested will work fine. check out some historical minis (Old Glory or Foundry) for 28mm camels as well.


Don't forget a beer or water cart!

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See, whob, glad I could help with the ideas! How is your buddy's elves coming along?



Those all look pretty cool, maybe get the dwarven ale bucket as a water barrel like Steve mentioned.


Maybe you could put those dwarven calvary on lizards instead of bears, like the dewbacks in star wars..



Take some pics, let us know how it goes!






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Yeah the ale bucket sounds like a good idea. When I get them all done (probally be a few months) I'll set up a Diorama of them hiking through the desert. Or Maybe just the top of a table. ::P:


You have any links to giant lizards? I'd use them instead of the beetles. I'm thinking of just putting all the cavalry on scorpians but I'll wait and see.


02763: Shrend, Alligator-Man Warrior


I think I could find a home for this guy in my army. But I think I will leave it to the lizards.


So many choices. :B):

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It all sounds great to me, however you must remember that you won't be able to use them in reaper sponsered tourneys if you are using creatures from Iron Wind Metals. Another thing, if you want the dwarves to look like real desert warriors, you may saw the heads off some Jalahdran desert warriors (#1).


Another idea for a convergance would be to take the head and some of the neck off a giant scorpion, and put the body of a dwarf there(got this idea from "The Scorpian King") ::D:

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I don't mind the rule of not being able to use them in official reaper tournies. I live in the middle of Kentucky and I don't think Reaper will be close to me for a while. Nearest Reaper store is about 110 miles away. I can always invest over time enough models from reaper to replace my fluff models.


The only problem about taking the desert warriors is they're about 3 bucks a piece. That would be like buying a whole dwarf army, then buying enough Jalahdran models to make a whole other army. Then again I could make a headless undead desert warband. ::P:


Yeah, when I get all the supplies, I'll send you a message. I'll need a little help at first. I'll post pics as often as I can as well.

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