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Pathfinder, inquisitor of Calistria

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WIP fro the moment. My character for organized play (Pathfinder Society) is an elven inquisitor of Calistria. The goddess's favored weapon is a whip, so I'm making the character so he can engage with melee attacks from 15 feet away.


I couldn't find a mini yo fit the character concept, so I got an "Elquin" mini and cut the axe out if his right hand and replaced it with the whip from the Lorena mini. After cutting the whip away from the hand, I realized it was connected to the arm twice on purpose. Only one connection wouldn't be enough to support the long whip without constant bending. After I connected it to the hand I glued it to the back of the forearm as well.


Hopefully I'll get it done before Kublacon in a couple of weeks. More pics when and if I do.


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I need to drag the light box out and do some decent shots to post here and my deviantart page.  That being said, I got him done in time for Kublacon, and thought I'd throw a pic of the finished product up. :-)   He's an inquisitor of Calistria, who's colors are yellow and black, and favored weapon is a whip.BhetTai_zpsc66fbcf4.jpg

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