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I escaped Bryan's Basement


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O_o I see Bryan likes to keep people in his basement too! We have so much in common! 


You really should be nice and let the Mr. out more often to play...




<_<  I had a nightmare/dream that I got the BBW (Big Bad Wolf) From the Battle Royale ks and he went nuts on what he wanted to paint in it...I promptly advised him on the nature of the goods and to get his own! 




I still feel edgy about it >_> 




I have it on good authority she keeps him in there to play. But we're not going to go into such here. call it 'consenting adults' and leave it at that





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You kids get off my lawn!


You can't tell me what to do, old man!


*turns up loud, weird music*

*Skakes fist in response, puts on vinyl punk rock album and turns it up to 11*


The bluegrass album is next if your not careful!



Nooooo! Not the bluegrass!!


For the sake of all that is holy, please get off his lawn!


Blue grass lawn ...?

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SaintRigger...is...one of the founding oddnesses.


Wait... the old order should be The Illniad and the rest of us are the sequel, The Oddnessey.  


Classics by Homer (Simpson), now with 20% more cyclops.  But we still need some Lotus-eaters, so who looks good in F1 this season?



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