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I escaped Bryan's Basement


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SaintRigger...is...one of the founding oddnesses.

Wait... the old order should be The Illniad and the rest of us are the sequel, The Oddnessey.


Classics by Homer (Simpson), now with 20% more cyclops. But we still need some Lotus-eaters, so who looks good in F1 this season?



Well, I've got a 30 minute drive in a Lamborghini Gallardi coming up. Is that close enough? Hmm. Could switch to the Ferrari F430 as it has an F1 transmission...

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Perhaps surprisingly, since I live in subtropical rainforest where the sun is rare, we also have water use restrictions come later summer.  Basically our climate is thus:


1.  SNOW

2.  Spring, everything floods


4.  SNOW again

I hear you there....it sounds like here...except somewhere between 1 and 3 is "-expletive- orange barrels everywhere!"

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