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Before he was a warcaster, Coleman Stryker was a palace guardsman, protecting the throne from enemies foreign and domestic. One fateful night,when the oppression of King Vinter Raelthorne had finally come too much to bear, his brother Leto lead his own forces in a coup that set brother against brother, and changed the fate of Cygnar forever...


"The Lion's Coup" was kind of an odd duck for Privateer Press, four minis released under the "Iron Kingdoms" line and supported with a scenario in No Quarter where two players could reenact that fateful night with Warmachine rules. I picked up all four minis* when they first came out, back in '06, intending to proxy them into my Cygnar army somehow - but never did. Eventually, I dropped out of Warmachine and my minis were heaped into various nooks and crannies of my house, occasionally pulled out and fondled and then consigned to dust again.


Last year, my on-again-off-again gaming group started playing the new, non-D20 Iron Kingdoms RPG... combined with my renewed interest in painting miniatures, this was the perfect impetus to break out these old figures and finally try to do them justice.


Royal Guard Stryker here is intended to be a Cygnaran Duelist/Aristocrat, if my current character should fail for whatever reason - or if we start up a new game. I'm not particularly picky. I didn't quite follow the studio scheme, but as a nod to his heritage I kept him a ginger. ::D:








The vast majority of paints used were P3s, but Stryker's skin and hair were both MSPs - the Rosy Skin triad and Red Hair Triad respectively.


The tile base was part of my Secret Sophie gift from Bonwirn, and many thanks are given. ::):


Thanks for reading. C&C welcome.


*Royal Guard Stryker, King Vinter, Prince Leto, and "The Knight of the Prophet." No clue as of right now if I'll be painting up the other three any time soon, as I have a couple other projects on my mind... but it could be fun!

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Nice work, you dirty, Electric Chicken lover, you.


EDIT: Just saw your footnote. Where'd you get ahold of a Vinter? (Unless, of course, you ordered it from PP.)

Same as the other three...


... which is to say, I don't recall. Got em all at the same time, though, so probably Origins that year. Why? Is he rare?

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Nice work, you dirty, Electric Chicken lover, you.


EDIT: Just saw your footnote. Where'd you get ahold of a Vinter? (Unless, of course, you ordered it from PP.)

Same as the other three...


... which is to say, I don't recall. Got em all at the same time, though, so probably Origins that year. Why? Is he rare?


Not rare so much as most retailers don't carry the Iron Kingdoms minis, just the Warmachine and Hordes minis. I got lucky and picked up an Alexia (Witchfire Trilogy) and an Ordic Pistoleer, but they were the last IK minis on the shelf at my last FLGS.

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Nice job on striker.


As for the old IKRPG line you can find them pretty cheap online if you look. I ordered a bunch, including Vinter, for around $5 a piece with many being around the $3 range just last summer. Now that the RPG book is more popular those prices may have gone up though.

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Not rare so much as most retailers don't carry the Iron Kingdoms minis, just the Warmachine and Hordes minis. I got lucky and picked up an Alexia (Witchfire Trilogy) and an Ordic Pistoleer, but they were the last IK minis on the shelf at my last FLGS.

Asooo... yes, this is an issue. My FLGS only has the dwarven mechanik, last I checked. I used to get them from another store which since no longer carries RPG or wargaming material; they had a very good selection for a while there, though.


I have Alexia and had the Ordic Pistoleer - he vanished on me at some point, though. :huh: Not entirely sure what happened there...


Alexia, amusingly, was one of the first minis I painted up when I got back into painting last year.year before last, the pictures are dated for crying out loud



I should take better pictures. She was also one of the first minis I've ever based - simple gravel, flock, and static grass, but it worked out well I think.that was after these pictures, one more reason I should snap new ones

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I reckon the top guy could use a little API Soft Tone to "darkline" his skin tones. Hairline, eyesockets, between the fingers. Strong Tone or Dark Tone around his neck where the sculpt should recess but doesn't, and to define the division between hand and hilt, and "up" his sleeves. And under those gigantic cuffs.


Nice work, and some nice lining, you just need to...

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Just a few C&C for you: 

  • The cloak needs a few more higher highlights as well as something like a dark blue or black line along where the really soft blue edging of the cloak meet with the normal blue. I see some areas where it's not as clean as you could have it and that line would cover that up and make a nice transition.
  • A dark flesh wash between the fingers.
  • A few highlights along the brown leather areas.
  • A few highlights along the tips of the hair.
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    • By kazmania7
      Last of this month's work. I know said was gonna take a break for the holidays but got bored. So many pirates this month, I wanted to save my blue color for another pirate I was doing, Angelica fairweather since she from the stormchaser's fraction which was blue but decieded she needed it more here.

    • By ced1106
      "This is a board game version of the classic skirmish game and aims to give the same feeling as the original, while making it more accessible and “ready to pick and play”. Choose your agenda between the Protectors and the Destroyers, lead your units into the city and hunt down your opponent, wreaking havoc in all that stand in your way!"
      MonPoc's been through two versions. First, a prepainted collectile mini's game, then a metal one. This unpainted plastic KS is compatible with the second version. The pitch is that it's less expensive than the metal version (and there's no blind purchasing), but it's still gonna be expensive, especially if you go all-in. You play with only two monsters per game, so, imo, the core set and SG's should keep most casual players satisfied. Although the game has multiple factions, you can play the "good" ones together, and the "bad" ones together. Core game is for two players (1v1, solo, coop). Battle Royale is for 3-4 players, and adds Apex monsters as enemies for coop, or bigger monsters for regular play. With this being day three, one dual-faction add-on has been revealed.
      Game rules are based on the existing Privateer Press Monster Apocalypse v.2 rules. KS is run by Mythic Games. (Better than the reverse, imo!) I assume plastics are made in China, which has had some economic instability, energy shortages, supply chain issues, and shipping issues. The game won't be delivered for at least a year, so obviously today's shipping issues may not affect delivery. But, speaking of shipping, the core box *is* large, and shipping starts at $35. I'd expect to pay more.
      Other kaiju boardgames exist, including an officially licensed Godzilla one. Mythic has not said if this game will be available retail. I wouldn't be surprised if the discounts expected by distributors make this and other high-end KS games difficult for retail. Also, the high MSRP may keep FLGS customers from picking up the game (much easier to sell $150 of Magic cards than a $150 boardgame, imo).

      Three days into the campaign, and they've unlocked about half as many monsters as in the core box!


    • By MoonglowMinis
      I've got a bunch of amphibious friends to share with you all today!

      While in search of some suitable tribal-inspired Bullywug for my ongoing nautical campaign project, I stumbled upon these Croak Raiders from Privateer Press's Hordes.  these metal frogs perfectly balanced the jungle, tribal tree-frog look I wanted with the bulbous look of Bullywugs as opposed to the more nimble Grung who are often stylized as Poison Dart Frogs.  I absolutely fell in love with these frogs and their giant necks.  I was gifted a set during the holidays and quickly ordered Underchief Mire to stand in as the wannabe King of my Bullywug society.
      I used these frogs as a chance to get used to my airbrush and try out some other speed painting methods, but really struggled with the slog of painting of painting so many similar things.Especially picking out each knot on the ridiculous amount of rope these guys wear.  You can read a bit about my painting process, especially on my first test model, on this WIP thread HERE.
      For now, let's take a closer look at the finished frogs:
      Bullywug Throwers

      First up are these pot-throwing Bullywug.  The center one with the blue feathers was my test model.  Spent some time working out different techniques and color choices on him.  Ended up changing a few things to help the leather loin cloth stand out from the rope, but I largely got it right the first time.
      In the close ups below you can see a better view of the quiver which became a bane of my existence during this project.  All of the frogs, except for the chief, came with these matching quivers.  I could have left them unattached, but they felt incomplete without them and so I suffered through the arduous task of picking out all of the details on these ten times.
      More Photos:
      Bullywug Spearmen

      Next up are these warty frogs equipped with spear-launchers (or atlatl for you weapon-experts).  I like that the quivers that these guys wear contain both arrows and pots, making it seem as if all of the frogs have access to either method of fighting.  I particularly enjoyed the turtle shells on these guys, but getting paint into the tight gap between their right arms was hard.
      More Photos:
      Bullywug Pyros

      These roguish frog-men have stepped it up by igniting their spears.  I had a fun time keeping their faces in shadow by selectively highlighting them.  I also got to play around a bit with OSL.  If I had planned ahead better, I may have tried to paint these up as if they were partially in darkness for a more dramatic OSL look, but I prepped them along with the others for my standard daylight paintjob.  I did try to capture a bit of a warmer glow near the flames and along the right sides of the frogs.  I'm happy enough with it even if it's not super stylized or dramatic.
      More Photos:
      Bullywug Torch-Bearer

      This angry croaker came as the unit leader in the Croak Raiders box.  I was actually missing him originally, but Privateer Press quickly corrected the issue.  Had a bit of fun painting up his mouth and giving him some perfect little teeth ala' the Bullywug from NADDPOD.  He also got a bit of a glow around the torch.
      More Photos:
      Bullywug King

      This guy was just too much fun not to pick up.  Grumpy and serious.  I imagine the Bullywug adopted a mock-feudal society after briefly encountering human explorers.  They don't quite understand what it entails besides showering a king with riches in order to be stronger than your enemies.  I really like how this guy turned out.  Especially the gem on his crown and the texture on his stone blade.
      More Photos:
      I am normally not one to copy box art, but I really loved the look of these guys on the official art.  I borrowed heavily from those examples, but once I had started working on them, I allowed myself to get more creative.  I really like how the speckling on their bodies turned out, and am pleased that the Red, Yellow, and Blue quivers blend in well enough while still providing an easy visual distinction between individual units.
      These were really fun models and I'm very proud of the final results even if it took me a month longer to finish them than I had anticipated.
      What do you think?
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Recently set to work putting together a band of Bullywug using Privateer Press's Croak Raiders.

      Stumbled upon these guys while browsing black Friday sales and they perfectly fit my vision of tribal Bullywug but we're distinctly not Grung. The bulbous heads is what did it for me.
      My friend got me a set of Croak Raiders as an early Christmas gift and I ordered Underchief Mire to serve as a King. Also had to request a replacement part from Privateer Press as I received an incorrect extra body in place of the unique unit leader's.
      Finally received all my frogs and set about assembling. I mostly buy reaper bones, and the other brands I get tend to be plastic as well, so this was my first set of metal minis that required assembly and it was more difficult than I expected. Arms didn't slot into the body as neatly as I would have hoped and many broke off before the glue had set. I also wasn't too keen on needing to pin ten sets of arms. Hopefully the glue holds and I don't lose any arms during painting.
      For basing I decided to give another try to this instant-grout I picked up and used once before. It has a cool look, but is not very practical for standard minis. This was the conclusion I had drawn after the first time I used it, but now I'm certain. The grout will be reserved for large mini bases where my standard super glue and baking soda technique would be impractical. 
      As for coloration, I'm going to do something similar to the box art. Slightly inspired by the red-eyed tree frog. Green bodies with darker backs, and orange feet. Might play around with different spots, stripes, and eye markings just to add some variety. I want them to be vivid and colorful but I don't want to dip into the poison-dart-frog territory of Grung.
      Also considering trying out my airbrush for the first time to base coat these guys. We'll see if I work up the confidence. 
      As a side note, there are a few other unique Croak models in the Hordes line, but I was satisfied with just the unit and the Chief. But for others looking for some cool frog-men, there's a few more specialist models out there as well.
    • By DragonWyrm
      I had it sitting on my bench for more than a year. Brought it on sale and it was nice working with such a heavy model, thought it did fall apart a couple times (Since I am not using it for gaming, I did not pin it).  The fourth picture seems to have the closest red to how it looks in real life.
      The Robot 

      Together with Friends

      Feedback and Critiques are welcome and appreciated. 
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