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Summer 2014 Miniature Exchange


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Packages are in the mail.  Hope everyone enjoys them.  One is a diorama the other is individual figures.  if the glue on the diorama doesn't hold let me know and i can send pictures I took for placement.  I look forward to seeing what you think!

I got my package in the mail today =). Thanks Rex. I recieved 2! painted Darkreach Elves with a custome hedgrow or Roses =) I like that touch and also!!! He threw in 2 more unpainted figures, one darkreach and the other Arcana Unearthed. If you took any pics could you please upload them as my camera decided to die on me after a long sesion on Mon. So untill I can replace it I want be able to post the pics.

Thanks kangaroorex =).




Always happy to do requests but blue may not have been the best background choice.  Still learning to do pictures:








I am hoping that the mouse and the candle didn't become dislodged in shipping. Good to hear you enjoy them!

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Just a heads up. I finished painting one of my minis and working on the other now. Once the second one is done I will be ready to send out mine.


Teskeria wants me to give a heads up as well. She is justing putting the finishing touches on hers before shipping out the minis.

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Shipped mine out to Tarlen today.. hopefully the NZ customs doesn't screw with delivery times


Oooh - very much looking forward to this!


And no, NZ customs are usually really good at clearing things within hours unless it's worth more than about US$300. And quite frankly if it is, then I really have no reason to complain over any delays.  ::P:

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