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Summer 2014 Miniature Exchange


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I have stalled out at 'almost done' until the move is complete. Good news is I have a place to move into and they let us in early so the furniture can just go from one place to the other with nothing in between. Plenty of time to get it mailed before the deadline.

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Only 4 days later I got my parcel from SamuraiJack today. Wow!



  • The beautifully painted Well of Chaos, which looks even better in person than in the photos!
  • Three bases, which I will definitely make great use of.
  • 8 unpainted minis (including the LE Nanobot and a Mousling in blister).
  • The Reaper paint poker tool.
  • And a copy of the Edition Wars card game!

That's just a whole pack of awesome going on there. Thanks heaps SamuraiJack!


Now I just need to finish my exchange mini and get it in the post!

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Got home from a long day and found a wonderful package in my mailbox.  I Received an unpainted red panda from the Reapercon, which is great because I had to cancel at the last minute and didn't get to go, and Virgo who is wonderfully shown in his show off column here:




Thanks for a great exchange!  I can't wait for the next one!





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I've been looking for  an excuse to try my hand at one of these.  They look kind of fun to paint, but with my existing mountain of plastic and metal, I really can't justify the purchase.  This is just what I needed.




And Virgo and the diorama base are really stunning.  What did you use for the little meadow flowers? the ones behind her?

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