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Summer 2014 Miniature Exchange


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Teskeria and I shipped ours today!


Our packages should arrive on Saturday to their respective people. We both got tracking so we can keep track of the packages in case anything goes wrong.


Oh and due to missing camera we could not take pictures.


P.S. To my partner. I did not send you Wyrmgear. I just used his box to add an extra level of protection to the minis during shipping. They are inside the box to heavily wrapped up.

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Mine WILL be going out TOMORROW!  :grr:


I feel bad it's so late, but on the flip side, it's the best mini I've painted to-date. I hope my partner will like it!  ^_^


To my partner: Don't stress sending mine out late! I want it to be a fun experience for you too. :)



--OneBoot :D

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You are all so awesome, so many great figures going out to so many happy partners. We are almost done here with a few people getting theirs out by the end of the month and getting ready to start up sign-ups for the next exchange. 


Fan and I talked about it and he's making a new thread soon for everyone to sign up in.

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Saneal sent me an awesome harpy. He included a note saying he would post more pictures so I'm just going to add this teaser.


Glad she arrived! And doubly glad you could read my handwriting!


I'll put together a post this weekend for Show-off. I hope you find a use for her, Falstius!

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