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Summer 2014 Miniature Exchange


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I guess Uber is including a lot more in the package than I did.  I just used random small boxes that were lying around and it was about $3.50 with tracking.


I just use the flat rate small box, normally $5.80 if you go to the post office and I believe it's $5.25 if you print it at home yourself. Comes with tracking and $50 insurance, gets to destination within 3 business days. I'm sure there are cheaper ways of sending if you want no insurance and don't mind it taking a bit longer.

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Lots of stuff happening today I take it if you have to wait until midnight




I admit I am eager for my package to arrive at its destination. I am so nervous about it as this was my first try at basing a painted model. I intend to do more minis and more basing, but my partner is receiving my first attempt at making decent bases...


Oh and Teskeria said she wants to join the next exchange as she thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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P.S. To my partner. I did not send you Wyrmgear. I just used his box to add an extra level of protection to the minis during shipping. They are inside the box to heavily wrapped up.

You temptress, you. They arrived today with only one minor issue (alchemist came off the base). Bot minis will likely see play in our Eberron campaign soon (hopefully as good-guy NPCs and not bad-guys).


I will try and upload a picture later.


As for me, I missed the post office this evening due to my carpool having car issues on the way home. Her car overheated. I will do my best to ship out tomorrow.

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