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Summer 2014 Miniature Exchange


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Yay! I got mine today, thank you so much Keianna!!  ::D: I love love love the ranger you painted for me, he looks very nice, and I know he'll see lots of use in future Pathfinder games!  ::):


I love the little gnomes you included! I like playing small characters, like halflings and gnomes, so they are perfect for me! :D Also, thank you for the bases, I don't have any that size, so they'll definitely come in handy.


Pictures when I have time to set up proper picture-taking lights (aka dragging floor lamps around). Thank you again!



--OneBoot :D

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Woot. Now I have a forum name to associate with my exchange. ^_^

Yes. Yes you do. I even showed them off to Teskeria and she admired the dragon as well. We both thought he came out very well. The other minis are all ones I either wanted more of or wanted a copy of. I can always use more monster types and I love having PCs to paint for use in game. I am painting kobolds of every color holding each of the 3 weapons. So I needed more of those (and will likely at some point have a full tribe of them due to all the dragons in PF

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also sent some basing stuff too!  Its really awesome.  does anyone know if this is a premade base?  its really awesome.


Also, I love that eye beast model.  I have eyed it myself many times in the shop.


I believe from what he told me that it's a Secret Weapon base from the Bag o' Crap. Very cool stuff in those BoC's, got a bunch in my basing bin.

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Glad you like it! It was my first time using clear water on the base too...as well as mods with the eye and the squished guy

Never would have known the eye was a mod!  really nice work.  Epic is the only word I can use to describe it.  awesome job!  thank you so so so much.

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