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This seems to be the "in" thing these days - a single, centralized thread of one's progress, both to keep from cluttering up the forums and to document improvement. I could probably use something like this; I keep thinking that I'm not getting better, and then I look at minis I did a year ago and shudder. ^_^


So, here we go. I can't promise to keep it up to date, since my schedule's usually pretty hectic and I have a bad habit of forgetting about or neglecting projects in progress... *guiltily shuffles the Armies of Anhur out of sight with his foot* ...but I've been somewhat active lately, so we'll see how it goes.


Previous WIPs:

*Learn To Paint Kit 1

*The Armies of Anhur

*She Got The Booty!

*There's Something Rotten In The Pumpkin Patch...

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Some of you may have seen the Royal Guard Coleman Stryker I recently put up in the Show Off forum.




This post is not about him. It is, instead, dealing with the lovely young lady to his left; the mysterious rogue (with bow) known only as Callie.




Unfortunately for posterity, my usual method of documenting WIPs is to snap a couple of pictures whenever I take a break or otherwise am prompted to think about what I'm doing, and then upload them to Facebook for my nongaming friends to wonder about.




The good thing is that I know - more or less - what I was doing with her, so I can kinda go over the steps.


Callie was first undercoated with Brown Liner - typical for my work with Bones. Her skin was done with the Dark Skin triad; shadow first, then midtone, then highlight. Her cloak was done with the Martial Blues triad; Breonne Blue shadow, Templar Blue midtone, Ashen Blue highlights. I didn't go straight to the midtone from the shadow, but mixed a bit of Breonne in with Templar to try to smooth the transition. I should probably go back over her cloak with a blue glaze and try to draw everything together, but the biggest issue here is my terrible photography; she looks much better in the hand...




I just realized the cursed day star is up, so I grabbed a couple of quick pictures in a handy sunbeam creeping across my living room. It's a little better...




Her quiver, boots, gloves, and quiver strap were done with a black cloth lesson from Privateer Press' "Forces of Hordes: Skorne" book. Start with black, and then shade up from there. It's a nice, subtle effect that I can't get to show up in pictures because I, unfortunately, am a moron.


Her pants and tunic were also PP inspired, the Grey Leather tutorial from their Retribution of Scyrah faction. Again, it's a nice subtle effect that just isn't coming through very well in the pictures.


Her knee guards were simply P3 Pig Iron and a touch of Armor Wash. I figured, she needs protection but isn't going to want too much metal gleam to give her away in the darkness. Simple, easy.


Her bow is HD Tusk Ivory, with an Army Painter Strong Tone wash over it. I'm still trying to work out what next, and what to do about that middle bit.


The arrows in the quiver were also easy; linen white fletching, Army Painter Strong Tone again. I can't recall what brown the shafts were, but it was something I had already been working on so I'm guessing P3 Bootstrap Leather or Bloodtracker Brown.


I started painting Callie partly because Mrs. Melons was having issues with hers, partly because I already had her prepped and needed a distraction from the "srs bidness" of Stryker, and partly because... well... why not? ::D: I'll probably finish her up as I work on my current "srs bidness," the subject of my next post...

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Callie's looking really good! Can't wait to see where she ends up and where you go next. Don't feel too bad about the WIP's. I've been very bad at them as of lately... LOL! I kind of did a lazy one for Khesh Dragonman, but I started another mini in the process of waiting for something on Khesh to dry and I'm already pretty far into it.... There's always next time. LOL!

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Glad to see you joining the dark side of WIPs. It's about time you came over to the cool kids' table my friend. Keep posting WIP and having fun, looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeves.


As far as Callie goes, I'm liking the shading and highlighting so far on her cloak, think the bone bow is an excellent idea, and the paint job is very clean so far. Continue with the great work!

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I'm watching you... always watching. 


And if that didn't chill your spine enough...  I can come up with many horrific images to help :devil:


Seriously, welcome to WIP land.  There are so many good WIP's I miss quite a few of them, but I'm always glad to see them, even if I'm quiet (er) than some.

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I'm watching you... always watching. 



So, with that pleasant image in our heads, we move on to the current project... yes, a bit delayed, I know. It's been an interesting weekend, and neither sleep nor painting have featured much in it... sad to say.


Many moons agone, I had a D20 Modern/D&D group that has since gone its separate ways. The last game I ran for them featured a drunken dwarf (as they do), a halfling raised by gnome acrobats, and a spoiled prince determined to be a heroic adventurer. The prince, the youngest son of a rather impressive brood, had a large book of strategy and tactics that he would often refer to at the worst possible time - like in the middle of a bandit ambush - and then he would get irate if people would ignore his shouted commands, or if the opponent refused to correspond with how the book said they should act.


It was a pretty entertaining game. ::D:


The player of that prince has recently graduated law school; I've been thinking about painting up this piece for him, based on that character, for a couple years now (more or less since I picked him up, in metal, and definitely since I knew he would be available in Bones) - now seems as good a time as any.


My fellow Reaperites, may I present to you...




03427 Halbarand, Cleric.


(I really wish I hadn't looked at the painted version they've got up in the store; it's causing me to do all sorts of second-guessing for my colour scheme... :unsure: )


Any way.


"Prince Thaddeus," as seen here, has received a coating of Reaper brush-on primer and a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone ink. After reviewing some of my earlier WIPs, I'm thinking I should have used Dark Tone instead... but it's a bit late in the process for that now, so we're just going to roll with it.


The base coating for his skin was done with a mix of MSP HD Sun Tan Skin and MSP Tanned Shade; I was hoping to use the HD to improve my Tanned Shade's coverage, and it turned out I really like the resulting skin tone. When I finish up his skin, I'll probably work a little of the HD into the midtone and highlights as well, to keep it consistent. I figured at this point, I should get his eyes done; the right eye went on without any trouble, the left... well.




The left eye is in an incredibly awkward position and just Would. Not. Cooperate.  :grr: I eventually got it looking a bit better, but it's still not 100%... it was just getting to the point where I would have to strip and start over, or use the layers of paint in the socket to make him an eyepatch.  :unsure:


Anyway, the eyes were a simple stroke of Linen White, and then a pupil - as best I could - with Christmas Wreath.


(I'm wading through a lot of pictures here, some of them virtually identical to others and some of them quite terrible, so forgive me if this comes across a bit disjointed. Hopefully future posts in this WIP will be a little more consistent, since I'll be posting more regularly... ha ha, right.)


Anyway, I basecoated his hair next; Thaddeus' player had described him as having light brown hair, so I started with the Blonde Triad, pushed back two... that is, I gave him a base (shadow) coat of 09029 Earth Brown, and I'm going to lighten it up to 09030 Leather Brown with highlights of 09031 Tanned Leather - and possibly even 09032 Amber Gold for the very lightest strands on the top.post-8164-0-62271400-1400488896_thumb.jpgpost-8164-0-65821600-1400488910_thumb.jpgpost-8164-0-68312400-1400488923_thumb.jpg


I gave his surcoat (that's what I'm calling it) its basecoat next - I'm going to do it, like Callie's cloak, with the Martial Blue Triad, so it just received a simple coat of Breonne Blue for a shade. Unless I'm misremembering and that's a Templar Blue midcoat, with highlights and shadows yet to come... I'll find out when I get back to it, but man, that's a reminder that I need to start using a paint notebook again. <_<




So now I switched gears, and went to his cloak. Since he's royalty, I decided he gets a royal purple cloak - post-8164-0-59944200-1400489121_thumb.jpg


Basecoat, 09265 Deep Twilight, Midtone 09266 Violet Light, Highlights 09267 Sunset Purple. Again, I tried blending a bit of each step with the next step before going on to the straight colour - that is, Deep Twilight base, Deep Twilight mixed with a little Violet Light next, then Violet Light, then Violet Light mixed with Sunset Purple before finally doing Sunset Purple on its own for the final step. Pardon the cluster photos here...




So, what next? Well, I'm considering either a wash or maybe some attempts at glazing to try to tie the cloak in together - I don't have any purple inks (although the new Army Painter colored inks are high on my list of things to get), but I was thinking HD Twilight Purple or Gem Purple suitably watered down - I'm worried about making everything a bit too "samey" if I wash it, though. His skin still needs to be finished up - as does his hair - and I'm thinking about changing the upper skirt bit on his surcoat to a white, the way the painted version in the Online Store has it, adding a bit more contrast.


He's also got a buttload of metallics to do; I'm probably going to start undercoating all of his armour and his sword, using a walnut brown/ultramarine blue mix (ala LTPK 5's instructions). I'm also trying to figure out if the accents should be gold, bronze, or just a slightly shinier steel; that'll determine what kind of undercoat they should get. And the chain holding his book to his armour is going to be brass, probably P3 Brass Balls - not sure how to undercoat for that (same as for gold, a ruddy brown, I imagine). Unless I make it bronze... in which case, same undercoat. Hmm.


Anyway, that's where we stand. Feel free to lob advice.

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Looking good so far.


I have to say I prefer using Army Painters Strong Tone on my freshly primed minis, I find the Dark Tone darkens them too much and it's really hard to get a decent basecoat over the top (although I'm trying to get out of the habit of doing it altogether, so much money wasted on little bottles of wash!)

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Aku-Chan:  I use the strong tone for shading metallics.  I have been experimenting with dark tone, but it is really dark by comparison.


Strong Tone is great for all kinds of shading, but the only thing I've found Dark Tone useful for is shading grey-based metallics.

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