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Thanks Sarge!


OK, so just a little bit of work today.



Did not like the drybrushed Clockwork Brass, so just over-painted all of the trip with the Clockwork Brass.  I was also inspired to use the CW Brass for Squidly's eyes.  It gives him (her, it?) that otherworldly look.  I may just have to steal that trick for Damien.


As stated yesterday, redid the outer robe in Sapphire Blue.  I wanted to start shading the outer robe and decided to apply my new found knowledge of color theory (thanks Anne!) so I added some Gory Red to the Sappire Blue and started layering it into the folds of the cloak.  Th effect is kinda subtle and doesn't show up very well in my pictures.  I think I'll add some highlights and see if that helps bring out the shadows more.  If not, I always have more paint and can make the shadows stronger.  This is a learning exercise after all.  That will most likely have to wait for tomorrow, as lack of sleep (and the couple of pints of the black stuff I had with dinner) is pulling towards my fluffy hotel bed.

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Squid head is looking pretty good. Also, I agree with Sarge. The grunts look pretty good to go right now. Once you finish up the belts and such, I'd say you're all set.

Thanks!  That's the plan.  Finish off the little bits and bobs that are keeping the grunts from being done and then move on to the leaders.  Actually getting ready to set up the paints and get cracking soon.

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Hmm...I definitely think you'll want to punch the shadows on Squiddy; what's there now looks (to my filtered-through-a-photo-on-my-cell-phone eye) like it mostly comes from the lighting setup you're snapping pics with. The red is definitely a good way to go, as you can also use it for some of the darker shadows on the skin to help tie the whole thing together.


I'm looking forward to your Overlords officers...the cloth on those should be fun. A pain, given they're red, but a good kind of pain.


...painting red. Hurts so good.


Anyway. Keep it up!

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And I'm now letting paint dry.  Then it's onto the gold and a few touchups (mainly where the original red on the capes has worn away over the years of these guys knocking around waiting to be finished).


And if anyone is wondering (or to my future self when I try and match the army colors):


All steel (armor, swords, shields):  Honed Steel

All Gold: Antique Gold

Leather: Ruddy leather (lighter straps on the sword sheathes are Oiled Leather)

Cloth (cloaks loin cloths): Carnage Red


My Honed Steel doesn't seem to cover as well as it used to.  It seems to be a bit thinner than I remember, and streaked a bit.  Just means that I'll have to give a a couple of things an extra coat.


My push is to get these guys done!  Well, the grunts at least.  Including the 3 crossbowmen that haven't yet made an appearance.  I just have to do the crossbows and bolts and they should be done as well.  And then on to the leaders.  And Squidly.  Most likely in that order but we will see where whim takes me.

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