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Pixel's Kingmaker NPCs Project

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Finally picked up a brush to continue basecoating cloth. I identified a subgroup of five minis that had a couple of colors in common and started with those. A reddish brown and teal made it onto almost all of them:




Then I filled in the rest, using the same color across minis where I could. I've been using a tip from Nic Daniel's color theory class I took at ReaperCon using paintings for color scheme inspiration, and for those of you who have a copy of Color and Light by James Gurney, I'll include the paintings I'm using as inspiration from his book.


The mystery lady is inspired by Glowing Ferns on page 41. I'm pleased with how close the premix colors I found are so far, and I think when I do the leathers, feathers, hair, and highlighting, she will have a very close feel to the painting:



Oleg is inspired by Old Hudson on page 38. The basecoat is a little saturated to match, but it's close and I'm hoping if I can get closer with generous desaturated shadows and with dark leather boots:




Lanna is inspired by Cabin at Platte on page 34. The green I used is totally wrong, but I didn't have a premix that was right so this was my closest starting point. The painting has a lot more green than I found room for on the mini, so the base will have to help balance it out. Also, I have no idea how I'm going to make so many colors work together. The painting doesn't look garish but poor Lanna so far does:




Kesten is inspired by Dinosaur Boulevard on page 151. I really should have picked a simpler painting! I'm going to try to focus on a part of the painting. I don't like his shield so far. Again the green is wrong but I couldn't find a right premix.




Finally the Harrower is inspired by Oriana in the Moonlight on page 131. One of my favorite paintings in the book for one of my favorite minis. So far the colors are matching pretty well. There's a green I used in the stripes I forgot to put in the pic (I'm using the pics as a painting notebook for now) which are a straight-up steal of the stripes in the inspiration painting. So far I like the way this one is going the best!




Here's the gang so far. Basecoating without any highlights or shadows is making me nuts but I am determined to plod onward!




Any tips or ideas are welcome!


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Is it bad that I know all the paintings you're referring to? :)

Coming along nicely, especially the freehandy bits.

You're a self-confessed Gurney fanboi, I think it would be bad if you didn't. :blues:

Didn't he shake Gurney's hand and swear never to wash it again?

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Worked on Midrith after work. She's inspired by Saurian Steps on page 116. What should I do about her leg? It seems more like a legging than bare skin but cream did not work. Should I just make it flesh, or is there a legging color you think would work?




PS would probably never have opened that bottle of mint green without the inspiration pic, but I think it's gonna work out great!



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This was the 3rd mini I ever painted and I wish I'd have known how to paint stockings (since I still don't!). While I ended up painting her leg a skin tone, I wish I had done more of a transparent hose type of look like this: 


I'm not sure if it would end up looking good, but it was always something I wanted to try. Just an idea-- no pressure, I know anything you decide will look great!

[edited for a typo]

Edited by Mocha
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Paint it as sheer stockings. Glaze with your skin shade color and be patient until the result pops up. There's a tutorial for this somewhere and I cannot remember what it is called. I'll look for it.


--- edit ---

Found it!

Edited by pcktlnt
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Excellent! I love the stocking idea and thanks for the tutorial as well! I was looking at the inspiration painting again and I need some charcoal gray in there, which will work well with a stocking. I'm thinking of doing her sash in that color as well. Yay!

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    • By Rat13
      Now that my Ghost Archipelago project is complete it's time to start a new one. Like just about everyone else I have quite a few projects ready and waiting (maybe even too many), but after such a long project containing so many animals and monsters I wanted something different.
      If you were following my Ghost Archipelago project you may have seen a large assortment of random figures in the background of some of my pictures. That collection is comprised of figures that have been sitting on my desk for far too long, well that and my latest picks from the last box of goodwill. 

      As you can see it's a pretty varied assortment. It's also not a crazy amount either, just a nice (hopefully) quick little project before jumping into something heavy again.
      Wanting something sci-fi after all those fantasy creatures I grabbed the two identical space soldiers. Unsure what I really wanted to do I played around with the idea of a straight policeman/peacekeeper scheme. Slowly that morphed into a peacekeeper/private security group based around a mining or space operation. With that in mind I thought blue armor with an almost orange jumpsuit would make for an interesting security force where both colors could make sense, even together. 

      Looking at them basecoated I can't help but think of some of the X-men color schemes from the nineties. Certainly odd but not exactly terrible; the colors give them just enough personality that I can see using them for a lot of games/encounters.
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      Awhile ago I made a list of all my current projects that I'd like to finish and I've slowly been working my way through them. After "finishing" my Big Terrain Project I figured it'd be a nice change of pace to return to actual miniatures. Picking the right project proved very easy this time however, it was time to start my Ghost Archipelago project.
      When I first planned this project my wife and I had just started a Ghost Archipelago campaign. That campaign never made it past the first game but as I recently started a Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign this seemed like the perfect project. You didn't misread the title, but the two games have an overlap in their respective bestiaries (not surprising as they're written by the same person) so this project could really help me eliminate some of the proxies I've been using. 
      Right off the bat I went through everything I had and pulled anything that could be of use in RoSD. This consisted of giant spiders, bats, ghouls, a "wolf", a vulture, and some bats. Then it was just the simple matter of prioritizing the creatures that are coming up in the campaign. So first up were the bats with the ghouls in a close second.
      One session of painting actually got them pretty far. 
      Since I still had paint I hit the vulture and ghoul's tombstones too.

      My second session would have finished the bats had I not spent some time prepping for the next game instead.
      Again since I had leftover paint on my palette the ghoul's bases got some more attention too.


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      As I attempted to finish my wife's Orks before the new year (a task I failed at) I started planning the "first" project I'd start afterwards. As usually happens, at least with me, I decided upon and subsequently changed my mind about numerous projects. Eventually my first project ended up being Reaper's Layer Up kit. There was of course another project that was a really close contender, especially considering how much prep work I'd already put in. Coming in second place I give you my fairly cheap armada. 
      Many months ago my wife and I came across these neat little two packs of "spaceships" at the Dollar Tree. Needless to say I picked some up.

      Looking at the packaging they're not actually spaceships, they're just weapons for spaceships but I think you'll agree they make cool spaceships.

      So I did say I bought a few.
      After using poster putty to cover the crystals on a few of the ships I attached them to slats and primed them.

      Sitting down tonight I thought I'd begin painting until I realized I had forgotten to greenstuff over all the screws in the plastic. So I spent about an hour doing that instead. 

      I did however get to paint a bit, the eagle eyed may have noticed there was a figure amongst all those primed ships. Turns out this particular toy line also has a few Captains, though I've only ever found one.

      I think it doesn't even look that bad and I really considered just rebasing it as is. As you've already seen it primed however you know I fought that instinct. 
      In less than an hour I ended the night with this. There is still a lot to be done but I think it's off to a good start.

      With any luck I can finish this tomorrow and begin painting the spaceships.
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      As a beginner painter, the concept of doing an army (or even just an army unit) feels both logical and like way too much work. Nevertheless, here it is, my first army unit! Read more about the process (and see a few more photos) over at Pocket-Sized Adventurers.
      Comments and thoughts are of course welcome!
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      One of a set of 4 thieves that came from Ral Partha many years ago 1 i panted long ago, 1 i lost, 1 still needs to be painted, and them there is this guy. was a fun paint  but man those small eyes on old figures 
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