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Dust: Operation Babylon


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They really don't make it obvious what the scale is. One of the creator comments on the ks page compared them to other 28 mm skirmish games, but they should say it on the main page. Or in their store, with all their various products.


I'm tempted to back at $20 for the expansion rules, terrain cards and battle mats. Game mats are always useful, and that should give enough of an idea of the rules to decide on whether to spend an additional $30 on a rule book. I like the tank designs, if there's a decent game backing them, it could be worth the investment. Also, those pics with some of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy makes me think I could use these rules for those minis, they even have walking tanks. And who knows how long before Raging Heroes releases their game rules. They mentioned them on the original ks page, but I haven`t heard much since.

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As a KS I think the prices are way too high


(especially for those of you in America where online places have the older stuff much, much cheaper, then just buy the new rules),


This is not a teeny tiny company trying to release something, it's basically under the Battlefront umbrella now which should mean CMON like deals

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I don't know if anybody here backed this, but looking at the recent comments it looks as if things may be going belly up





do if you have it's time to start paying close attention if not talking to your CC provider

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Really? But this is via two very well established companies. This would be like one of Reaper's KSers going belly up.


Edit: WOw


From Paolo's own mouth (as postings) he has shown that he has the Babylon models 'in the hopper'. That is, there are thousands of pieces ready to go. Battlefront has simply taken the money and skipped. They have not paid Dust Studios. Dust Studios has fulfilled their side of the commitment.

What is happening is mostly unfortunate. We are truly sorry for that.

Dust Studio is only the manufacturer of the Babylon KS as you might already know.

We are suffering the same stress here, we have been producing all the models but we are not getting paid by Battlefront.

The only thing that we can do to protect our interests is to hold on the products until we get paid.

This of course means that we keep you waiting for them.

At the same time l want to suggest you to check with your Credit Card Company (I assume you paid by CC) .

They should be able to get your money back to you.

l suggest this because we are afraid to be victims of the same attempt of fraud here.

Our lawyers are working on the case, there will be an announcement as soon as they are ready.


Best regards,

Dust Studio

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