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That reminds me. I also have a TARDIS dice cup from the Dr.Who Yahtzee game.... And of course the Dr.Who dice as well.


Cause if you're going to collect more minis than you'll ever be able to paint or play with then you might as well collect more dice than you'll ever use and all the dicetowers and dice cups to store them in. :wacko:

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Mr. Boot and I roll quite differently (though we're both role-players, and haven't played any wargaming). I roll vigorously, then sorta toss them down out of the side of my hand. If it's an important

Do you eliminate the fallen and continue on until only one remains?   You, skeleton, are the strongest of your kind.  I promote thee to Skeleton 1st Class, and you shall lead your bony people unto v

When playing RPGs with the kids, I have them use a Yahtzee cup. They flip it over and slam it onto the table, then lift to see the roll.   It really does cut down on picking up dice from the floor,



As for electronic dice, such as dice apps on phones, or the automatic die roll generator on a play-by-post RPG site I'm on, I don't trust 'em. There's just no heart to 'em, y'know?  ^_^


Agreed. I don't trust them electronic ones. Feels like they are out to get you.
Plus you can't switch out dice if the rolls were horrible.



My understanding (from discussions about dice generators on gametableonline) is that they're not really random.  It's more like a string of numbers that attempts to mimic randomness.


When you pick up a d6 to roll, you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting a particular number.  It could be any of the 6, all with equal chance.  This creates tension, especially in a critical situation.  And you know this chance exists.  (a d20 is a better example, being a more critical die, but I don't want to type out all those numbers for the following example)


But with a dice app or generator, it's more like this:




As an example.  Now if you're at 4, the next number in the string (2) is going to be 2 no matter what.  There is nothing (short of closing the app and restarting in hopes of generating a new string or point in the string) to alter this outcome.  So 2 is written, so 2 will be.


Does rather suck the fun out of it all once you know how the hot dogs get made, yeah? 


Now I don't know if this applies to every random generator, just that from my observation about very lengthy discussions on that site regarding "cheating dice out to get you" that it's the easiest form of random number generation.  (Also why your reference to feeling they're out to get you reminded me of this - because I swear for "random" results, the dice generator on gametableonline's axis & allies has a remarkable tendency to favour the AI)


Rolling is better, because rolling is influenced by a great many factors every time.  Always the potential to be different, so long as you're using fair dice. 


Yea. Digital randomness is not truly random. It's a closed system, meaning that a result can be duplicated. Some random generators employ complex methods or seeds, but you're right. It's just going to loop again and spit out the same pattern. It just depends on when you hit the button.


Lol, I remember playing a game online where the AI had abilities that proced so often it defied the "10% chance" limit. I understand that probability lacks memory and so there are chances it can happen 2-3 times in a row maybe more (not impossible, just improbable)  but if a designer claims 10% and the program is true 8/10 times, then it means the designer needs to go back and look at the poor coding or learn what 10% means.

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A while back I put together what I affectionately call my "DM Valet."




It's a leather wrapped box, which originally was a presentation box for a fancy wine corkscrew.  We didn't get the corkscrew, just the box.  


I gutted the box of its original foam, and it carried a variety of miscellaneous things until it was pressed into service as my DM dice box/partial screen.  I lined the bottom in felt, and put a bit of magnetic sheeting in the lid under the textured felt there, so I can change out reference materials on the lid.  Since I'm running a DragonLance campaign, right now it's a moon tracker (since the phases of the moons affect arcane magic, and there's a wizard in the party). My moon gems are on magnets, so I can easily move them about in their orbits, but they'll stay put between game sessions.  It's large enough to store various bits and bobs, and will allow me to roll a ton of dice - great for what I need!

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      The greatest OPTIONAL dice concept ever.  You love it - it's yours for a small fee.  You hate it, no need to upgrade.  Totally up to you :)
      What are High Variance Dice?  
      High Variance dice are dice that have been shifted to exaggerate extreme results, without sacrificing the overall average value of the rolls. For example, on a typical d6, you have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The average roll is a 3.5. On a High Variance d6? 1, 1, 3, 4, 6, 6. The average roll is STILL a 3.5, however your chances of great success - or massive failure - have just doubled.
      Each die in the set has the same concept applied. The result? A set of dice designed for those situations where characters are really headed for one of only two things: a glorious victory, or a crushing defeat. Either way, it'll be something the party will never forget.
      We've all been there, and we've all got the stories; that session where the party was on its last legs, and everything depended on THAT roll. The dragon was closing in, the cleric was on his second death save, the wizard was out of spells... but the Barbarian, positioned on a ledge high on the cavern wall, had one last chance to save the day. She charged, leapt off the edge, and raised her axe high above her head as she came crashing down on the dragon. She rolled her attack, everyone held their breath, and...
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      The “all or nothing” scenario, where everything comes down to one last-ditch effort. An otherwise normal character puts it all on the line.
        Venturing into the wrong forest, you’ve caught the attention of a devious fae looking for amusement. An enchantment on one or more of your party.means all of your ventures are doomed to result in either wonderful fortune or horrifying failure, but hardly anything in between. Will you get back to normal when you leave the forest? Will you want to?
        Growing up, your character always had an intrinsic bias towards extremes… everyone knew that you were destined to be a great hero… or a complete disaster. Now, beginning your adventuring career, you’re finally ready to find out which it will be. High Variance Number Arrays 
        The possibilities are endless. And again, since the overall average roll is the same, the dice can be used with little worry of imbalancing the game - the goal is to make things more fun and more extreme, NOT easier or harder. They can work in any d20 based system, and every GM can surely think of several ways to employ them - how will they fit into your game?  
      ALL dice in the campaign are available as a standard set of 7 polyhedrals, 3d6, d20, or any combination, in standard OR High Variance numbering! Dice in the campaign are available in a variety of synthetic and natural materials.
      Materials shown: Howlite (gemstone), Primrose Candy Glass (glass), Koi (resin), Cherry (wood)  
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