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Wyrmgear and Nethy

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jaryth000 - Thats just to keep him upright.. his foot isn't entirely flat to keep him balanced.  He'll be going on a scenic display base eventually.



Thanks for all the kind words folks.  I'm hoping the plan for the wings comes off as planned.

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I like that he only actually has one foot on a base, that very much amuses me.


Other than that, it looks pretty awesome.

I assumed that was to abuse PCs.


DM, "you turn the corner and see a belching/smoking automon coming at you"

PC, "crap. How big is this threat?"

DM, "well he is only on a human sized 25mm base".

PC has look of relief.

DM throws this guy on the table, "muwaaahaaa"

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Those bases are tops. I'll need to get them I think. Really quite taken with their goodness.


Also I love that you're using metallic paints. It looks really cool and I'm really enjoying it. Great work so far.

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